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How to Play Baseball Darts (Dartball)

Joshua Wicks

Last updated Sep 3, 2022
My goal is to help others learn about the game and to help them improve their skills.

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baseball darts

If you are fond of real baseball, this baseball dart game will seem interesting to you. The baseball dart game is played like a real baseball game. To enjoy this game, it is not a must to know each and everything about baseball. In this article, we will help you to understand the game. So that next time you can also arrange a baseball party. 

Two teams play against each other. Each team gets 9 innings to play. After playing for 9 innings, the team that earns more runs will win the match. Sounds interesting. Isn’t it? Let’s go for more.

How to play Baseball Darts 

Number of players 

Minimum of two players or two teams is required to play this game. You can also play with a group of friends.   

Object of the game 

Getting as many runs as possible is the objective of the game 

General rules

At first, determine the player’s order and who will throw first. The closest shot to the bullseye determines the order. Each player throws their dart aiming at the bullseye. The player who gets the closest shot is determined as player 1. The next close shot is marked as 2 and going on.

Baseball Darts game

The first inning starts with hitting the segment 1. You have to aim for segment 1 in the first inning, segment 2 for the second inning, and segment 3 for the third. That’s how the game continues until the ninth innings. 

Each player will throw three darts when it’s his turn. No runs will be added to the scoreboard if three darts miss the target number. Getting the highest number of runs, you can win the game.

The scoring 

In this game, single worths 1 run, double worths 2 runs and triple worths 3 runs. You will get 0 runs for your missed dart. Suppose you are playing for the first inning. With your first dart, you hit a double 1, with the second dart triple of 1 and you have missed the third dart. So your total run in this inning is 2+3+0= 5. In the second inning, you get 2 runs. So the total will be 5+2=7. The player who gets the highest runs in total after 9 innings becomes the winner. 

Can there be a tie? 

If two players get the same runs after the 9th inning, they will play extra innings until the winner is determined. 

Want to raise a bit of tension? 

Sometimes people try to get some variation in this game 

Seventh-inning stretch

This is an additional rule to make the players a bit nervous. If any player fails to score any run in the seventh inning, he gets his runs halved. That means if the total run were 34 till the sixth inning, that would be 17 at the start of the eighth inning. The stress can sometimes break the player.  

 Adding a dummy player 

When there are two teams with uneven members, a dummy player may be included to even up the members. The Dummy player will get a predetermined score and the score will be evenly distributed among the innings. 

How to Play Dartball 

Dartball is a popular variation of the baseball dart game. It is a combination of baseball and dart games. 

How to play 

The player who throws the dart is called ‘Batter.’ Each dart is thrown in the same way as a pitch in baseball. Players throw darts towards the playing field from a distance of 20 – 25 feet. This Pitch Distances may vary. 

The outcome of each pitch or throw depends on the darts’ landing on the board. The batter can continue to throw darts until they are safe or out, just like in baseball. A batter is considered safe if his dart lands on first, second, or third base or by any combination of plays that put him safely “on base.”

If you are looking for the dartball board this link may help you. You will get a double sided designed board with 2 sets of 17 gm steel tip darts. 

Here is another link where you can get a look on out top picks of the best dartboards.

A run is scored when a player moves safely around first, second and third base and returns safely to home plate. A player may score by hitting a home run or any combination of plays after he is “on base” (first, second, or third base).  

A player who advances around all of the three bases to score is considered 1 run. Once his turn is over, the next player on the team follows the same way. If the batter team makes three outs, the other team has its turn up to bat.

How are the outs scored?

Around the places where a player gets a hit are sections that are marked as strikes and outs. Three strikes equal an out and three outs will turn the opposite team to bat. 

The team that gets more runs after completing 9 innings will be the winner.

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