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The 9 Best Dart Flights of 2022 (Buyer’s Guide)

Joshua Wicks

Last updated Apr 23, 2022
My goal is to help others learn about the game and to help them improve their skills.

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Best Dart Flights

Maybe the incident is not unfamiliar, that the flights are getting cracked or falling apart when you are playing darts. Isn’t it distracting? 

This end part of a dart is often neglected. But a wrong flight can affect your game. On the other hand, a better flight will allow playing with more accuracy and precision to make improvements.

You may get confused choosing the best flights. They all are almost the same to the users except for their shape and color. 

We have picked the top 9 dart flights and reviewed those to help you understand their differences. 

In this article, we have also discussed the considering factors before buying dart flights. So you can get a proper guideline on which to buy. So let’s get started.  

9 Best Dart Flights Review

1. Harrows Retina Black Dart Flights Slim

Harrows Retina Black Dart Flights Slim


  • Shape: Slim
  • Color: Black
  • Thickness: 100 Micron

Harrows is a name that is well-reputed in the dart industry. The Retina is one of their most appreciated series among the players. 

Retina black will draw your attention with its matte black finish. The slim outlook looks more appealing with the laminated outer surface.

The outer surface features a honeycomb texture. Due to this uneven texture, the flight can provide additional drag while going through the air. 

The flight is built from two parts. The inner part confirms the accuracy and consistent throw, while the outer part offers maximum strength and endurance. 

Retina Black can be your showstopper when spinning around to find the best dart flight for better performance and speed.   

Things we liked

  • Eye-catching outlook. The textured surface helps to glide the flight smoothly. 
  • With 100 micron thickness, the flight lasts longer and won’t feel heavy. 
  • You will get 5 sets of flights in this shaft. 

Things that can be improved 

  • A few users found it hard to mount the flights. 

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2. RED DRAGON Hardcore Selection

RED DRAGON Hardcore Selection


  • Shape: Standard
  • Color: Radical 
  • Thickness: 100 microns 

All levels of players have appreciated Red Dragon Hardcore. The standard size, classic outlook, perfect density and thickness have made these flights more admired by the players who find standard-shaped flights more handy. 

As we said, this Hardcore set comes in standard shape with different designs. So you can choose what is most suited for your game. 

Four sets of flights are there in the pack. So don’t worry if any of it gets loosened or torn apart. 

The material is durable and you will get proper control and stability. 100 micron of thickness will give you the perfect trajectory

The quality will amaze you as the flights will rarely fall apart. They stick to the shafts finely. Also, You can use any shafts to play.   

Things we liked 

  • You will get 12 flights for each set. That is value for money. 
  • Superb budget option for practice to improve your skill. 
  • The strong and sturdy material has made these flights long-lasting and the quality is up to level. 

Things that can be improved 

  • The flights are reported to get damaged When the other darts hit them.

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3. IgnatGames Dart Flights

IgnatGames Dart Flights


  • Shape: Standard
  • Thickness: 280 microns 
  • Material: Plastic 

Are you looking for a wide variety of dart flights in a single set? Ignat will offer you 10 different sets of different shapes and designs. You can customize your game without compromising your performance. 

The flight set comes in the length of 38mm made with resistant polyester. It will ensure durability. The thickness of 280 microns will provide perfect balance with maximum accuracy. 

The thickness is also significant to reduce the drag force. It will cease the speed when you are performing your best. 

Two sets of flight protectors ( 6 flight protectors) are provided with this set. These protectors keep your flights safe and prevent any damage. 

That’s why they won’t get torn or split easily. As a result, longevity increases. The flight protectors also assure that the flights can retain their 90 degrees at every throw. That improves the life span. 

These flights are easy to assemble. You can use any shaft with it. No specific shape or type is needed. 

These flights are packed in a durable and strong plastic case. So they can be stored and carried safely. So no matter what, if you are a beginner or professional player. Ignat will serve you at its best. 

Things we liked

  • There are many options to pick from 10 different sets of flights with different shapes. 
  • Flight protectors will protect the flights from any damage. So the longevity won’t be compromised. 
  • The perfect shape and angle is retained as the flight protector keeps them at 90 degrees.

Things that can be improved 

  • Some flights may tend to tear over time due to their thickness. 

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4. Winmau Rhino Long Life

Winmau Rhino Long Life


  • Shape: Standard
  • Color: Random
  • Thickness: 150 micron 

Winmau Rhino is a trustworthy name for standard flight users. When playing in a pub or at home, you will feel the premium standard. The flights are durable. They won’t bend easily

Poly metronic ultra-thick material is used to produce this flight. It makes the product durable and will ensure your long-lasting performance. As the flight is thick, it will ensure that you can get a straight path. 

There is no fancy mechanism but the shafts can hold the flight securely. The fins are wide enough to control the darts with bigger shafts. That will let you enjoy a more accurate and precise shot.  

Things we liked 

  • Solid build quality makes this product up to the mark. The stability and durability will impress you. 
  • The wide fins will provide you proper balance if you want to play with heavy darts. 
  • This item comes in different colors. So you can pick as you like to customize yours. 

Things that can be improved 

  • Extra thickness can be a considering fact to some players. They may feel heavy on the end part. That can disturb the balance of grip.  

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5. RUTHLESS Darts Flights

RUTHLESS Darts Flights


  • Shape: Standard
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight: 0.04 Pounds 

If you are looking for a dart flight that will offer high speed, maybe this is for you. Playing alone or with friends, it’s a better choice. The construction material is durable and strong. 

Players of all levels like to play with this dart flight. Plastic unibody with black color may look simple but its performance, stiffness and simple look are over expectation. 

The flight has a smooth plain outer surface.So it can glide through the air with minimum friction. You may feel it is comparatively lighter. But it won’t interfere with your performance. 

The flight sticks on the shafts tightly. So you won’t need to fit this frequently. You will enjoy its long-lasting performance

Things we liked 

  • Its generic look and the plain surface have a minimal design. 
  • Holding capacity of the flights is remarkable to ensure a constant performance. 
  • It is a lightweight flight so it will offer your desired speed. 

Things that can be improved 

  • As the flight is not thick, you may find it difficult to keep the dart straight. 

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6. Cosmo Darts Fit Flight

Cosmo Darts Fit Flight


  • Shape: Standard 
  • Color: Grey 
  • Material: Plastic

Cosmo has presented different shapes and colors of flights but this grey one is appreciated more to the players. 

This product has a simple outlook. This simple and standard outlook may seem ordinary  but the performance is outstanding. 

You will enjoy its easy installation. No equipment or tool is needed to assemble this flight. Just push the flights toward the shaft. 

The flight is pre-molded. So it can retain its angle of 90 degrees accurately. It won’t bend or crack easily. 

As durability and stiffness depend on the construction material, you will enjoy the flights on its service most because of its robust material

The surface of the flight is not textured. The smooth surface will improve the speed, so the flight will glide easily to hit the target. Overall, it has been maintained exclusively to give you a high-quality performance.

Things we liked 

  • The molded structure keeps the flight shape in place. So it makes the flights more durable. 
  • You will enjoy the durability that is confirmed by its construction material. 
  • The push-in system of the flights allows the players easy insertion into the shafts. So you need not carry extra tools.

Things that can be improved 

  • The flights require Fit Flight Shafts to assemble. You can not use it with standard shafts.

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7. PENTATHLON HD150 Dart Flights

PENTATHLON HD150 Dart Flights


  • Shape: Slim Cut
  • Color: Random 
  • Thickness: 150 micron 

This product is made of high-quality plastic. Extra thickness and the build quality will never let you down. Even after so many throws, you will barely notice any crack. 

Pentathlon has made this item sleek and smooth with its slim-cut shape. The narrow flights can give you a smooth targeting. 

They can reduce the drag force. So the dart remains stable and you can get an accurate throw. 

These flights are mainly used for steel tip darts. The thickness provides a perfect balance to this. They come in different colors. So you can customize them with other parts. 

Things we like 

  • The strong build material has made these flights stiff and strong. 
  • If you are playing with steel tip darts, these flights will take place on your favorite list as the thickness provides perfect balance. 
  • Its slim-cut appearance can increase the dart speed as it can fly smoothly. 

Things that can be improved 

  • The bottom part of the flight may tend to crack when you put them on the shafts forcefully or there is any collision. 

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8. Harrows Carbon Dart Flights

Harrows Carbon Dart Flights


  • Item Weight:‎ 0.02 Pounds
  • Material: Carbon-impregnated
  • Shape: Standard 

Here we are presenting another item of Harrows. These flights are carbon-impregnated or in other words, it is produced with carbon composition. 

The flights are thicker and sturdier. You will find them great on your steel tip darts. You can assemble the flights with any shafts. There will be no hassle assembling them.

With its performance, you will be satisfied. The flights have the perfect balance between giving a stable and controlled throw. 

The structure again confirms the sturdiness and durability. And they come in classic standard shape. You can give these a try whenever you need a backup. 

Things we liked 

  • There are 15 flights (5 sets) in a pack. So it can be a great value for money. 
  • The performance of this item will be satisfactory to keep them in your consideration.

Things that can be improved 

  • The Carbon dart set may not be ideal for professionals to practice with. 

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9. Centaur 90Pcs Dart Flights

Centaur 90Pcs Dart Flights


  • Material: Hard PET
  • Shape: Standard
  • Thickness: 75 microns

For a long period of use, you can take this product. The 30 sets of flights contain 90 pcs of flights which is a good amount to practice over the year. 

Different designs and colors will let you customize your dart according to your preference. Using these flights, you can play steel tip darts and soft tip darts. So no extra flights are needed to assemble with soft tip darts. 

The flights are standard in shape. 75 microns may not be the best in the market but it can compete with other flights of the present day. 

The durability will satisfy you. You don’t need to think about buying flights for a long time while using these. Also these flights can be used on any shafts

Additional flight protectors provided with this set will keep the flights protected. You will also enjoy perfect shape every time as the flight protectors secure the angles of darts perfectly. 

Things we liked 

  • You can use the flights to play on an electronic dartboard or sisal dartboard. This versatile use is a plus for this item. 
  • Flight protectors keep the shape perfect and let you get perfect control on throwing. 

Things that can be improved 

  • The bottom end of the flights gets chewed up or cracked while the flights are used frequently. 

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Things to Consider Before Buying A Dart Flights

A dart flight is the end part of a dart responsible for a straight trajectory. You have to determine first what type of flights you want to play with.

Before buying a dart flight, there are some factors to consider. Different shapes, sizes, materials, and weights are available in the market. Local cheap plastic flights may be torn easily, which will be frustrating for any player. 

Here we have discussed some vital factors that you need to know before purchasing a dart flight set. 

1. Dart flight Size 

The size of a dart flight is determined by measuring the widest part of the dart fins. The air resistance force works more on the wider surface. 

So if the flight is larger, it will increase in drag force. With increased drag force, the dart can’t follow a straight path. The parabolic effect can alter the destination. 

So it would be wise to pick a flight that can fly through the air by reducing air resistance and can increase your throwing potential. Harrows Retina Black Dart Flights Slim can be a good pick. 

2. Dart flight Shape

Though more than 25 shapes of flights are available, professionals and amateurs like to play with some common shapes. Standard flights are widely used among players. Here are some common dart flight shapes 

Standard dart flights- This shape is the most common and is preferred by professionals and beginners. They cover a wide area with better stability. 

They can hold a heavy dart for a perfect throw. That’s why they can assemble the steel tip darts better. You will get a better trajectory, perfect balance and control while throwing the darts.  

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Slim dart flights- The next common dart shape is the slim dart flight. They are mainly for lighter darts like high tungsten darts. These flights can reduce air friction and tend to fly at high speed. If you are seeking more accuracy and speed, you will love this flight shape. 

Kite flights- Kite flights are short in length but have a wide surface. They will give better accuracy along with more stability. This flight will suit you the most if you are a pro at balanced throw.

Pear shape flights- This is more likely to kites. But they will give more speed. These Pear flights are not as stable as standards. 

3. Thickness 

Thickness is another key factor when choosing dart flights. It is measured in microns. The larger the number, it indicates the hardness of the flights. 

75 microns refers to the lightest flights. They are not that durable. Most of the standard flights are made with 100 microns. 

They provide proper balance and hardness. So you can get a controlled throw. 100 microns flights are also durable. 

Another variation comes in at 150 microns. They are the thickest and most durable flights. But you will find it hard to assemble with shafts due to their thickness.  

4. Durability

The kind of material used to make the flights determines their durability. In general, nylon, polyester, and plastic produce dart flights. 

Nylon flights are much more durable. They are hard to tear and get damaged. These flights are expensive too. 

Polyester is well known for making durable flights on an affordable budget. Players commonly use polyester dart flights to practice. 

Plastic flights are the least durable. They can tear and break easily.   

5. Attach flight to darts

Take your flight and shaft. Fold the flight, so the fins are angled. Slide the flights against the shaft and press it down to set it with a firm hand. Now you are done. You can also check this How To Change Damaged Dart Flights

6. Fix dart flight

You can easily fix the flights by replacing them. If one of the flights is broken or cracked, pull it off the shaft and place another one. You will get a lot of options to choose with centaur 90Pcs Dart Flights.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which flights are best for darts?

Standard shape dart flights are best to use for all levels of players. They will provide perfect balance and give you accurate targeting. Check out this RED DRAGON Hardcore Selection flights for the best performance you are seeking for. 

2. What difference do dart flights make?

Dart flights are responsible for a perfect flight path. Better flights can go through the air eliminating the drag force and increasing scoring potential. Wrong flights can drag your score. Slim and lighter flights will cut through the air better than the thicker ones.

3. How do you get a flight to stay on darts?

Choosing the best dart flights and using good quality stems will help the flights stay on the darts. Make sure that you set the flight with a firm press to keep it attached.

4. Are dart flights universal?

All dart flights are not universal. You can use them with different shafts. Standard flights are best for all darts. These are used for almost all darts. Molded flights require a Fit Flight Shaft to operate.   


We have presented the most used and reviewed the best dart flights so that you can pick yours. Maybe it is tough for you to decide on what to choose. 

We will suggest you take the Harrows Retina Black Dart Flights Slim for its lighter and slim feature. It will be best if you are trying to improve your skill with soft tip darts. 

Otherwise, you can check the standard-shaped RED DRAGON Hardcore Selection. These hard and stiff flights will give you better accuracy with heavier darts. 

If you want a professional-level flight to perform better at club Winmau Rhino Long Life will be a wise choice. 

Again, if you are a beginner and trying to get better with a lot of practice centaur 90Pcs Dart Flights will provide you 90pcs flights so you can play continuously. 

Keep in mind that you will find what is the best flight for you when you start playing. As a beginner you may not determine the exact product which you need. But day by day you will realize what is the perfect match for you.  

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