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The 10 Best Darts of 2022 & How to Choose

Joshua Wicks

Last updated May 1, 2022
My goal is to help others learn about the game and to help them improve their skills.

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Best Darts

If you are reading this article now, you are looking for the best dart that can comply with your skill. There are many important factors while planning to buy darts. 

Suitable material, proper weight, standard size of flights, and tip material should be determined before. Otherwise, it will drag you down. You will lose interest in playing darts. It will be frustrating too. 

It may seem hard to find the perfect one. Let us help you. This article will let you make up your mind about what you need to grab. Here we have discussed and tried to let you know the considerable factors about a dart. 

We have reviewed the 10 best darts according to their performance, durability and versatility. Whether you are a beginner, a mid-level player or a professional, you will find the perfect dart from this review series. 

Let’s get started.

10 Best Darts You Will Love

1. Winmau MvG Aspire Tungsten Steel-tip Dart Set 

Winmau MvG Aspire Tungsten Steel-tip Dart Set 


  • Weight: 24 gm
  • Construction material: 80% premium quality tungsten 
  • Barrel texture: Parallel ringed
  • Shaft material: Nylon 
  • Additional equipment: No 
  • Storage: No hard case 

Winmau is a big name in the dart products and accessories industry. They have manufactured this item with the help of world-ranked Dutch professional dart player Michael Van Gerwen. 

If you are planning to buy a dart that will give you precision, accuracy, longevity, and a real dart tournament feeling, this dart set will undoubtedly be your favorite. 

You will find this item at 24gm of weight. The construction material of this product has ensured its durability. Premium quality tungsten is used in 80% tungsten and 20% nickel composition. 

As we know, Tungsten is one of the most durable and tough materials; you will be satisfied with its long-lasting performance. The barrel center is made heavy. So that you can get stable and consistent throws every time. 

It is engraved with parallel rings. Due to this texture, you can hold a firm grip. A nylon shaft is provided to ensure this darts’ balance and well control.  

Prism delta 100 microns flights have standard thickness. The thick flight will allow the dart to fly straight through the air friction. You will get a high-end MvG point protector so that your dart points remain safe. 

Things we liked

  • Ring textured barrel has two grip zones- front and rear. 
  • You can experience different grip positions until you find yours.  
  • The high-quality point protector will protect the dart tips. So it won’t get blunt easily. Also, it will prevent unexpected stings that can hurt while you’re carrying it. 

Things that can be improved 

  • Few users find the nylon shaft flimsy. It tends to break when the dart is thrown with a higher force or bounces.

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2. Viper Blitz 95% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

Viper Blitz 95% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts


  • Weight: 22gm, 24gm, 26gm, and 28gm
  • Construction material: 95% tungsten structure
  • Barrel texture: Knurled with grooves
  • Shaft material: Aluminum 
  • Additional equipment: Yes
  • Storage: TacTech EVA dart case

Viper is another well-known brand in the dart industry. They have made different darts to let you enjoy this game. We have picked the viper blitz among these darts to place it on our top 10 list. 

If you are planning to buy a dart set to play in a pub or at home, this set will amaze you with its high-quality performance. 95% Tungsten and 5% nickel composition is responsible for its durability.  

Tungsten is a dense metal. So you will get a tough and thick dart with a slim appearance. It is important for tighter shot grouping. So you can hit your target constantly within a small area. You will enjoy reduced bounce-out and this will upgrade your performance.  

Knurled bands with grooves on the barrel assure constant throwing with a strong grip. You can hold it in the middle as this concave-shaped barrel is center-weighted. This structure also eliminates the chance of losing control.

The aluminum spinster shaft rotates upon impact. A smooth landing, assured by these shafts, will improve your scoring. It has enough endurance to last long. 

The tempered steel construction reduces the excess hardness of the dart tip. It makes the tip tough but not brittle. So it can smoothly penetrate the board. Also, the oxide coating on the tip prevents corrosion damage.   

You can pick a lighter dart or a heavier one. This set comes in different weights. So no matter if you are a newcomer or professional. You will get yours here. 

Things we liked

  • The locking holes have a fantastic feature of tightening the barrel with the shaft with the barrel. So there will be a tight joint between the shaft and barrel. 
  • This package comes with a protective TacTech EVA dart case that is premium in quality. It has a hard outer shell to protect the darts from any external impact. The Interior structure confirms that the darts and the accessories are in place.   
  • The high-quality material ensures longevity.

Things that can be improved 

  • Users have reported that the tip falls out after several throws. The adhesive used to join the end is suggested to be improved by the manufacturer.   

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3. Harrows Wolfram Infinity 97% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts 

Harrows Wolfram Infinity 97% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts 


  • Weight: 22gm, 23gm, 24gm, and 25 grams
  • Construction material: 97% tungsten
  • Barrel texture: Grooved rings 
  • Shaft material: Plastic
  • Additional features: Ringed grooves on the tapered barrel
  • Storage: No hard case

The Wolfram darts are available in 22gm, 23gm, 24gm, and 25gm. All of them are identical in shape, color, and material. Only the weight increases gradually. 

These darts are made of 97% tungsten. That is the highest ratio of tungsten steel darts. In that case, we can say it is the toughest dart ever. You will enjoy the stiffness of it.

Another feature of this dart is its slim tapered barrel. It has a thick front side and gradually becomes narrower near the tip point. The ringed grooves secure a firm grip. This texture won’t let you slip the grip. 

The darts are assembled with plastic shafts. Though they are not rigid, they will let you enjoy a lightweight grip. Tungsten is the heavier metal itself. So if aluminum shafts were provided, the darts would be weighty. 

When the tips get blunt or damaged, you can remove them as the tips can be removed. So you will get an accurate and precise shot every time. 

Things we liked 

  • The shape of the barrel is preferable to the players who are comfortable using the thumb for grip. 
  • This narrow-shaped dart will offer an excellent grip. 
  • Replaceable tips give more accuracy. You don’t need to throw out the whole dart when the tips are damaged. Swap the tips for other basic tools. 

Things that can be improved: 

  • No carrying case or additional tools are provided with this set. Only three assembled darts come in a box.

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4. Bottelsen Hammer Head Steel Tip Darts 

Bottelsen Hammer Head Steel Tip Darts 


  • Weight: 23gm, 25gm, and 27gm 
  • Construction material: 95% tungsten 
  • Barrel texture: Coarse barrel
  • Shaft material: Anodized aluminum
  • Additional equipment: Yes
  • Storage: Delux ‘Croco’ case 

The Bottelsen hammer head is available in a variety of weights. If you are used to playing with lighter darts, you can take 23 gm or 25gm/27 gm if you are a heavy dart player. 

Bottelsen darts are constructed with 95% virgin tungsten. Due to tungsten construction, these darts have a slim appearance with a proper density. That is needed for a firm grip and tighter shot grouping.

It won’t pop out when you target a smaller area on the dartboard. Additionally, tungsten is renowned for its durability. So it would be best to pick a tungsten dart if you have a question about fragility. 

The shape of the barrel makes sure that it has distributed the weight perfectly over the dart. The barrel is coarse-shaped so that the balance point will be in the center. You will find this easier to control.  

An excellent feature of movable tip points is it reduces bounce. This feature will prevent popping out of the dart due to reverse force. This dart consists of an anodized aluminum shaft. Its sturdy structure will secure durability, accuracy, and better performance. 

The fitted rubber O-ring keeps the shaft tight. Also, the locking hole feature will allow you to fit the shaft whenever you feel it loose.

The package includes a set of 3 darts, extra flight, and shafts. All the equipment comes in an exclusive deluxe case. It secures transportation and keeps the equipment in place. 

Things we liked

  • The movable tip goes through the dartboard, pushing the end smoothly. 
  • The use of anodized aluminum to construct the shaft ensures durability. 
  • Fine material makes the product corrosion resistant. 

Things that can be improved 

  • A few users let us know that they have found the tip point loose. It stuck on the board and after several uses, the tip fell off. That is very unexpected.  

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5. RED DRAGON Evos Tungsten Steel tip Darts Set

RED DRAGON Evos Tungsten Steel tip Darts Set


  • Weight: 22gm, 24gm, 25gm, 26gm, 27gm and 28gm 
  • Construction material: 90% tungsten 
  • Barrel texture: Scalloped structured grooves
  • Shaft material: Plastic 
  • Additional dart equipment: Yes
  • Storage: No hard case

Red dragons justified the name with its outlook and performance. A bold and classic look with red and black color gives this set a remarkable outlook.

They come in 22gm, 24gm, 25gm, 26gm, 27gm and 28gm of weight. Different weights make these darts more appreciated by players of different levels. 

90% tungsten barrel construction is more rigid and sturdy. Tungsten is a tough and durable material itself. So we can assure you this dart set will satisfy you with its long-lasting performance. 

The barrel grooves come in scalloped structures, a curved indentation in the center of the grip that provides a firm grasp. It will allow you to enjoy a smooth surface. There are two grip zones– front and rear. You will find it easy to control the gripping position. 

Plastic shafts will provide you with a lighter weight but they are not rigid. If the darts hit the ground or another dart, it tends to break down. You can replace them with a nylon or aluminum shaft. 

This package includes two sets of flights in 2 different colors. The white-colored flights are thicker. So the players may find it useful to practice with other types. 

The set comes in a set of 3 darts and a handy case for easy transport and to keep them in place together.   

Things we liked

  • A Thicker Plastic shaft is good for beginners to experiment with. 
  • They are easily replaceable.
  • The barrel shape is convincing to purchase. You can play with your partner with your preferable grip.  

Things that can be improved 

  • The grip may feel a bit awkward for its shape. 

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6. Fat Cat Bulletz 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts

Fat Cat Bulletz 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts


  • Weight: 18gm 
  • Construction material: 90% tungsten 
  • Barrel texture: Deep shark fin grooves
  • Shaft material: Nylon 
  • Additional equipment: Yes
  • Storage: Hard plastic case

The outlook of this dart justifies the word Bulletz, as the barrel shapes like it. Like a standard soft tip dart, this dart maintains the weight of 18gm. No other weight is available. 

90%tungsten and 10% nickel has made this dart sturdy enough. Deep grooves and rings on a ridged barrel make the texture unique. 4 bands will ensure your perfect gripping. You will feel a firm grasp.  

The dart comes with a nylon shaft that provides a lightweight feeling. But there is a backward side of it that it may bend easily. If you feel uncomfortable, you can change it with an aluminum shaft. 

The aerodynamic flights are super strong and durable. They can move through the air friction. By reducing air friction, the dart flies straight to hit the target. You will notice less bounce out.

Strong 2ba reinforced tips are used to confirm super strength and directional stability. The tips will stick perfectly on the board. They won’t bend or break down. 

You will get six durable shafts, 6 2BA tufflex tips, extra flight set in this package. All of these will be stored in a solid case with compartments to keep them safe. So you can transport them to any local match. 

Things we liked

  • Convex nylon shafts equally balance the control over the dart to ensure your best performance. 
  • They are tightly fitted to the barrels. So you won’t have to waste your time retightening the shaft. 
  • The perfect weight for this soft tip dart has been maintained.  

Things that can be improved 

  • The parts of these darts may seem loosened often. You need to retighten the pieces frequently. 

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7. Pegasus Tungsten Steel Darts Set

Pegasus Tungsten Steel Darts Set


  • Weight: 21gm, 22gm, 24gm, 26gm, 28gm, and 30 gm : 
  • Construction material: 80% tungsten 
  • Barrel texture: Deep ringed grooves 
  • Shaft material: Nylon 
  • Additional equipment: No
  • Storage: A bar wallet 

This Dart Set is available in different weights starting from 21g. They are also available in 22gm, 24gm, 26gm, 28gm, and 30gm. This wide range of weights increases its acceptability to the users. 

80% tungsten is used to construct these darts. This structure confirms not only its durability but also its slim appearance. You will enjoy a firm grip with this appearance. 

The smooth ringed barrels will also make it a firm grip. The texture makes this dart anti-slippery. So you can hold the dart in the center point to keep balance, and it won’t fall out from your grip even if your hands are sweaty. 

Many players have confirmed that the rubber O-rings fitted with barrels are secured and tight-fitting. That’s Why it won’t get loose during continuous throwing, and you can play with total concentration. 

You will feel the lightweight feature as the dart is assembled with a nylon shaft. The nylon shafts will assure you accuracy and a better throwing experience. 

Sometimes when you play with another dart set, you will notice that the dart is not following its path. Extra thick flights included in this set will allow you to enjoy a better trajectory. That means the dart won’t alter its path while releasing to hit the target. 

The tips are sharp enough to penetrate the fiberboard. It drills the board smoothly and sticks to score. But when one tip hits the other when targeting a small area, the tips may bend. 

There’s no fancy case with this set. A bar wallet keeps the dart set protected. Three extra flights and shafts are included in it. You can easily carry out this wallet with you. 

Things we liked

  • The availability of different weights has made this dart set more appreciated. You can choose your dart following your preference. 
  • A beginner, as well as a professional, will find their best-suited darts from this set. 
  • The flights are extra thick to ensure a better trajectory. That means it will reduce drag force to ensure enough speed and accuracy. 

Things that can be improved

  • Nylon shafts are prone to breakage. These shafts are reported to get damaged so quickly. The shafts can be altered with aluminum shafts. 

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8. Target Darts – Phil Taylor Power 9Five Generation 2 Steel Tip Darts

Target Darts - Phil Taylor Power 9Five Generation 2 Steel Tip Darts


  • Weight: 22gm, 24gm and 26gm 
  • Construction material: 95% tungsten
  • Barrel texture: Quattro grip
  • Shaft material: Power-titanium Gen 2 shaft
  • Additional equipment: No 
  • Storage: No hard case

It is a dart endorsed by the great dart player Phill Taylor. This brand has introduced us to a generation 2 steel tip dart with this newly designed dart. You will get it at 22gm, 24gm or 26 gm of weight variations. 

95%tungsten has confirmed its toughness and longevity. Pixel grip technology has been used with Azzurri Blue Titanium Nitride coating to produce the barrel. 

The barrel has a scalloped Quattro grip on the rear end. Players who are comfortable with the front-loaded rear grip will find it more unique.

Titanium Gen 2 shafts are a new addition to Target. The construction has a remarkable impact on perfect balance and flight control. The flights are capable of reducing the drag force. It improves your better scoring.

The tip is attached to the barrel. So you won’t feel bothered reassembling the tip often. If you are ready to play dart games for the long run and want to improve yourself, we will suggest you grab this item. 

dart barrel

Things we liked

  • The pixel grips are completely grippy and the fine lines on the scallop also act as a grip. So a firm and a strong hold will be secured all time.
  • Titanium shafts are stable and sturdy. They will allow you to throw the dart with a constant balance.  
  • Azzurri Blue Titanium Nitride coating plays a tricky role in showing the different blue shades in the light. That is very pleasing.  

Things that can be improved 

  • No hard case will be provided with this dart set. That can be a drawback for this high-range dart set. 

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9. CUESOUL Swift Super Slim Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Set

CUESOUL Swift Super Slim Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Set


  • Weight: 22gm, 24gm and 26gm
  • Construction material: 98% tungsten
  • Barrel texture: Ringed grooves
  • Shaft material: Nylon
  • Additional equipment: Yes 
  • Storage: Unique carrying case

Cuesoul is a renowned brand who are manufacturing high-quality dart tools and products. 22gm, 24gm and 26gm darts are available in silver and golden colors. All of them are identical in shape. 

This dart has the highest content of Tungsten. So you will enjoy the most durable dart with its 98% of tungsten structure. Till now it is the strongest dart in the market. So you will enjoy a long-lasting performance with the highest quality dart.

The barrels can be golden or silver in color. The deep grooves on the ringed barrels give it an elite outlook. The ringed grooves provide a constant weight distribution on the barrel. So that you can enjoy the perfect control.  

The nylon shaft provided with this dart will improve your targeting with more control and accuracy. As the light shaft balances the weight with the heavy front part. 

The flights are so flexible and lightweight. You will get three aluminum flight protectors to keep the flights in shape. You will get the perfect form of flights that will improve their longevity. These aerodynamic flights will offer you a better trajectory. 

Overall it is a must-have dart set if you want long-lasting performance. It is not too heavy or not too light. So you can easily get used to playing it.  

You will get an additional dart tool and sharpener in the luxury carrying case. This case will keep the darts safe from any external damage.  

Things we liked

  • It is a nice and sleek dart. 
  • The shape of the barrel will allow You to place your grip on the front or rear end. 
  • As it has the toughest construction, you can take it without a second thought. You will love it. 

Things that can be improved 

  • Nylon shafts tend to crack if they fall to the ground or you hit that dart with another one. 

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10. Viper Vanity Soft Tip Darts

Viper Vanity Soft Tip Darts


  • Weight: 16gm 
  • Construction material: Brass/ Alloy Aluminum
  • Barrel texture: Ringed
  • Shaft material: Black aluminum
  • Additional equipment: Yes
  • Storage: Deluxe Dart Pal case

The soft tip dart comes with a weight of 16gm. There is no alternative option of weight. Those who play soft tip darts regularly will love it. 

The barrel is constructed from brass and coated with smooth black color. There are hand-painted rings on the front and rear end of the barrel for a firm grip.

The shafts are also black-colored. They are made of aluminum. Aluminum shafts are strong and durable. The shaft has a locking hole feature on it. So you can retighten the shaft when you feel it loosened. 

The flights have customized designs on them. They glide through the air and reduce drag force. So it increases the speed and hits the target accurately. Flight protectors given in this set will help to maintain the shape.   

You will get a deluxe solid case to store these up. Moreover, you will get additional dart equipment.

Things we liked

  • Quality has been maintained in this dart set to play with more fun. 
  • Its outlook and custom-made design will definitely catch your eyes. 
  • The 2BA tufflex made dart tip is strong and durable. On an electronic board, it will show you great performance. 

Things that can be improved 

  • The tips are not convertible. So if you want to convert this tip, you are not allowed to do this. You need to buy another set of steel tip darts. 

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How to Choose the Best Darts 

Understanding Your Skill Level

Before buying a dart, you have to identify your skill level. Suppose you are a beginner and want to play darts for only recreational purposes; you may choose RED DRAGON Evos Tungsten Steel tip Darts Set or Bottelsen Hammer Head Steel Tip Darts. They are budget-friendly and preferable for those who are on the way to experiencing new games. 

You may grab Target Darts – Phil Taylor Power 9Five Generation 2 Steel Tip Darts or MvG Aspire Tungsten Steel tip Darts if you are preparing for a tournament or any professional match. 

So it is better not to spend money in a clueless way. 

Ideal Weight of a Dart

If you are a newcomer, you will feel it easy to control the darts with a lighter one. On the other hand, most professionals play with heavier darts. Again, some of them like to play with a minimum weight of 14grams.  

If the dart is lighter in weight, it will show a parabolic curve on the throw. On the other hand, heavier darts fly straight to the board. Steel-tipped darts are heavier than soft-tipped darts. These come with 20 to 50 grams, while the soft darts range from 16 to 20 grams. 

We will suggest you grab 22-24 grams of a dart. It will offer you better control. You can improve your skill by practicing with it. But there is no hard and fast rule for choosing the dart. It depends on the player’s preference. You need to practice more to find the ideal weight for you. 

Best Material for a Dart

Materials of the structure are the most crucial feature of a dart. It determines the durability, performance, and accuracy of a dart. Prices also depend on composition.

Traditional darts are made with a composition of brass and nickel. They become lightweight and are easy to throw.

Best Material for a Dart

On the other hand, Tungsten is well reputed for its durability. This material offers a slim appearance within a dense volume to get a proper balance of grip. 

It would be a wise decision to spend money on high tungsten-made barrels. It will give more precision, accuracy, and durability. But if you play occasionally, you can also try brass barrels. 

Which Dart Barrel to Choose

Brass material is lightweight and used commonly to construct barrels. Beginners find it useful as it’s cheaper than other materials. These are lightweight and easy to throw.

Tungsten and nickel barrels are durable, but it’s preferred to the semi-pro and pro players for their high expense. 70-95% tungsten is used to build barrels.

The texture of the dart barrel determines your grip. There are different types of textures and shapes of barrels. Commonly they are knurled with deep grooves, lightly knurled or smooth surfaced. 

But keep in mind that smooth and sleek barrels tend to slip from the grip. Besides, heavily textured barrels tend to get stuck on your hold. You can miss your perfect point of releasing the dart when throwing.

Which Type To Consider As Best Dart Shaft

According to durability, aluminum shafts are more preferred than plastic or nylon. It’s a great choice for perfect balance and price. 

Plastic and nylon shafts are inexpensive compared to the other materials. These are easy to use and come in different colors, styles, and patterns. But it tends to break easily for regular use. For a newbie, it can be a good choice. 

We suggest picking your darts after knowing the weight, material, and durability distribution. Your posture, throw, and skill will aid in determining your shaft.


Some people think that buying high-quality darts requires high expense. But spending a huge sum won’t help you. Expensive darts won’t give you the guarantee of the best performance. 

Prices may vary due to Different styles, patterns, and materials. How much penny you would like to spend depends on your skill. Buying darts also depends on your performance and comfort. 

Best Dart Games to Play

There are so many dart games being played all over the world. You can play alone at home or with friends in a pub. We have mentioned here some common dart games you will love to play. 

×01 Dart Game  

The game starts with a point of 301, 501 or 701. It is the most popular and easy game to play. You can play it with your friends. 

How to play 

Each player or team gets to throw three darts. Your obtained score for each turn will be deducted from the total score. 

Suppose the game starts with 501 points. You have hit the 1st dart at the double of number 10, 2nd dart at the single of number 20, 3rd dart has fallen. So your obtained score is (10×2) +20+0 =40. After this round, your score will be (501-40)= 461. 

This way, the player gets a score and aims to reach zero. Who reaches zero first wins the match. In addition, the player has hit a double or the bullseye to finish the game. 

Around the World

You can eventually improve your dart skill by targeting each number through this game.

How to play 

The rule of this game is to hit the number in numerical order. For example, you have to start round one hitting 1. Then you can go for the next number. You can not hit any number randomly.  

Hitting the bull is the last target. So three darts of the last round should target 19,20 and the bullseye. You will win the game if you hit the 20 first and finish with the bullseye. 


Cricket is another commonly played form of dart game. It is also played on international platforms. 

How to play 

Two players play to obtain scores as much as possible. But players can’t hit all the numbers. Numbers open to hit are 20,19,18,17,16,15 and bullseye.In cricket, the inner bull is counted as double. Other numbers are not counted for any score. 

Suppose you have hit a number, it marks 1; if you hit twice, it scores 2, and by hitting three times, it marks 3. Once you get three marks in a number, you own the number. That means you can score the number until it’s ‘closed.’ 

If the opponent hits the same number 3times, the number is closed. So it is important to hit the numbers as much as possible before it’s closed. He wins when a player scores the highest while all the numbers are closed.  

There are more games you will like to play. To know about those games, we are suggesting you take a look at Dart games. So that you can enjoy your free time and improve your skill. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What darts are the best to buy?

Tungsten darts are preferable to most players. They are durable, stiff and will offer you a strong grip. But brass barrels are also good for beginners to practice. You need to consider the weight too. 

Which darts do professionals use?

Most professionals use darts that weigh 22-24grams. Tungsten is the most common material for professional darts. ‘Mighty’ Michael Van Gerwen, Daryl (Super Chin) Gurney, Peter (Snakebite) Wright and the majority of professional players like to play with 90% tungsten steel tip darts. 

Should you spin a dart when you throw it?

There is so much confusion about spinning darts when you throw it. It is ok if you spin the dart. Some pro players believe that spinning will give you more accuracy and consistency. But others try to cut it off to get a constant dart path. 

What is the best weight for darts?

22-24 grams darts are best to play. They won’t feel too light or too heavy. You will have proper control and perfect grip. If you are planning to play with soft tip darts, the best weight will be within 16-18grams. 

How do you throw darts better?

When you are in a position, make sure your elbow is up, your arm is straight and the target is in sight. You need proper knowledge of your standing position, body posture, gripping style, aiming the target and how to release the dart with maximum accuracy. 

If you are looking for more information about stance, grip, aiming and release, this write up on How to throw a dart: Stance, Grip, Aim and Release will help you. 


Have you set your mind on which one to grab for your next match? It won’t be easy at first. You have to do a lot of practice. 

What is best for one player may not be the same for you. Preference for grip, shape, texture varies from person to person. But we have reviewed here the top 10 darts used by most players. You can pick yours from here.

For a beginner, we suggest you choose the RED DRAGON Evos Tungsten Steel tip Darts Set. Otherwise, you are advised to take Harrows Wolfram Infinity 97% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts if you are an intermediate-level player. Let us know if you find this article helpful.  

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