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Up Your Game With These 10 Best Soft Tip Darts Around!

Joshua Wicks

Last updated Sep 14, 2022
My goal is to help others learn about the game and to help them improve their skills.

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best soft tip darts review

As a beginner, it must be disappointing to use a steel tip dart. The damaged wall or injured fingers may let your confidence down. It would be a wise decision to use soft tip darts instead. They won’t hurt you or your wall. You can use steel tips again when you think you are ready. 

Most of the time, people find the soft tips a waste. But picking the darts wisely may save your time, effort and money. We have researched a lot of soft tip darts so that we can present you the best. This article presents a detailed review of the 10 best soft tip darts with a complete buying guide. 

10 Best Soft Tip Darts Review

1. WIN MAX Darts Plastic Tip – Best for  the Beginners 

best soft tip darts


  • Weight: 18 gram 
  • Barrel material: Nickel silver
  • Barrel shape: Knurled and front-loaded
  • Shaft material: Aluminum
  • Shaft length: 45 mm
  • Locking hole feature: Yes 
  • Additional stuff: Additional tool kit, flight protectors

If you want to find a suitable set of soft darts as a beginner, we suggest you consider the WIN.MAX as your first choice. The dart set comes in two different colors darts- black and silver. Black dart will give a bold look while silver gives a decent appearance.

You must have known that the weight of a dart is crucial to securing a good score. This 18-gram dart set has maintained the perfect weight to offer you a great experience. 

Another plus is the large knurled area on the front side. This front-loaded grip and knurled rings on the rear end of this barrel make it more desirable for any player to ensure a precise shot. A beginner should grab this set to improve his skill. 

Every shaft has an anti-loosening O ring placed around the standard 2BA thread. The aluminum shafts won’t disappoint you. It is sturdy in construction and the shape, surface texture and the locking hole feature will assure the perfect trajectory.

Now come to its tips. The tips are made of fine plastic. The matt surface provides anti-slippery tips. So whenever you aim the dartboard, it will stick on there.                                                                        

Things we liked

  • The finest quality material ensures long-lasting performance. The silver plating on the nickel structure makes the dart tarnish-resistant.
  • Standard-shaped polypro flights have a thick solid structure to drag air friction to make their way.  
  • The dart set comes in all in one combo package. You will get extra shafts, tips, rubber O-ring, flight protectors and a multifunctional dart tool. 

Things that can be improved

  • You may expect more designs and versatility in the barrel’s weight that is absent here. This seems to be the only cons we have found with this dart set. 

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2. Centaur Soft Tip Darts

Centaur Soft Tip Darts Review


  • Weight: 18 gram
  • Barrel material: Premium steel 
  • Barrel shape: Diamond-cut knurled bands 
  • Shaft material: Aluminum
  • Shaft length: 48 mm
  • Locking hole feature: Yes 
  • Additional stuff: Extra tips and flights 

It is a standard 18-gram soft tip dart that is suitable for any skill level. The dart set will give you a premium feel when you touch it. The barrels, shafts, and flights are precisely designed and constructed to ensure premium quality. 

The steel-made barrels come in two styles- silver-plated and black-plated. Both look gorgeous with their diamond-cut knurled bands and rings. 

The bands are evenly distributed, so whether you are a front or rear gripper, you will find it suitable. It will let you feel a strong and firm grip for precise and constant throws. 

The premium aluminum shafts are assembled with nylon O-ring on their thread. So the shafts can fit tightly on the barrels. The sleek and slim shafts are designed to reduce the air drag and maximum speed. 

The wide flights are standard-shaped. They are made of thick poly to confirm a solid structure. Flight protectors are provided to retain the shape even after several uses.  

Things we liked

  • The dart set contains 100 pcs plastic tips. They have a matt surface design to stick on the dartboard firmly. Your scoring will be improved with a reduced bounce-out rate. 
  • The flight protectors on top of the flights not only retain the shape but also balance the control while flying. 
  • This set consists of four stylish design flights along with 2 different style barrels. This wide variation in a single set will amaze you. 

Things that can be improved

  • The set comes only in 18 grams of weight. 

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 3. ‎21-3279-16 Darts ‎Viper by GLD Products – Best Overall 

‎21-3279-16 Darts ‎Viper by GLD Products Review


  • Weight: 16 grams and 18 grams
  • Barrel material: 80% Tungsten
  • Barrel shape: Knurled with diamond-cut etchings and rings
  • Shaft material: Aluminum
  • Locking hole feature: Yes 
  • Additional stuff: Dart repair tool, accessory bag and Tactech case

Viper is another brand that you can rely on for your darts. Viper has offered darts with two different weights. You can choose 16 grams or 18 grams. 

The  AWIN MAXstro is constructed with 80% tungsten. So you don’t have to make any compromise with the durability. As we all know, tungsten is a tougher and denser material; it appears in a sleek and light outlook. That is required for a tighter grouping. 

The barrel texture is uniquely designed. Diamond-cut etchings and rings will provide a perfect grip. The knurled barrel won’t let you feel slippery in any way. That is important to secure a firm grip. The rings can be in black, blue, green and red color. 

The shafts are so strong, sturdy and slim to allow a faster move. There is a locking hole. You can use the dart wrench to fasten the shafts through the hole. So you won’t need to worry about retightening the shafts only after one or two shots. 

2BA Tufflex tips are strong enough to get a firm hold on the dartboard. It won’t bend easily. The durability will assure you the top quality. 

Things we liked

  • Aerodynamic flights with holographic star graphics on them will definitely catch your eyes. The slim structure allows it to let the dart fly with great speed. 
  • A precisely engineered grip is unique in design. You will get the toughest grip with it. 
  • A premium TacTech case protects and stores the darts and all the equipment. 

Things that can be improved

  • No flight protector comes with this set. 

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4. CyeeLife 15 Packs Soft tip Darts – Best for Your Practice 

CyeeLife 15 Packs Soft tip Darts Review


  • Weight: 18 grams and 22 grams
  • Barrel material: Silver
  • Barrel shape: Knurled, ringed grooves 
  • Shaft material: Aluminum
  • Shaft length: 47 mm
  • Locking hole feature: Yes 
  • Additional stuff: Dart tool, extra dart tips, flight protectors

The dart set comes with 18-gram silver packaging and 22-gram silver packaging. The barrels are knurled and the ringed grooves are responsible for the firm grip. 

The barrels are silver due to the PVD coating. It has maintained the durability of the barrel. You will get consistent throws every time. This technique has made the dart harder and more corrosion-resistant.  

The strong and durable aluminum shafts will allow you stubborn hits that won’t bend easily even when the dart pops out. The 2BA shafts can be arranged with any darts. The ringed design on it also looks like a metal structure.

The flights are solid in construction. The PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) flights are 44 mm in length. So they can drag the air friction and fly the dart smoothly. The set includes extra tips. If you are a beginner and your darts tend to fall, this set may be your savior.  

Things we liked 

  • You will get 100 pcs 2ba tips, rubber rings, 15 aluminum shafts, 20 solid flights and a multifunctional tool. So if you are looking for a dart set that will assist you in your practice, give CyeeLife a try. 
  • PET is a clear, strong, and lightweight plastic that has made the flights stronger and more durable. No layering stickers are on the flights to tear apart. 

Things that can be improved

  • The dart set can only be used on a magnetic dartboard. The tips can not be altered with the steel tips. 

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5. Viper Bobcat Adjustable Soft Tip Darts – Best for All Skill Levels

Viper Bobcat Adjustable Soft Tip Darts Review


  • Weight: 16 -19 grams (adjustable) 
  • Barrel material: Plastic 
  • Barrel shape: Ringed and knurled grip
  • Shaft material: Aluminum 
  • Locking hole feature: Yes
  • Additional stuff: 6 add-a-gram to adjust the weight system

This is the most versatile dart set we have ever played with. You can start your practice session with 16 grams. 

While getting used to it, you can adjust the weight to 17/18 grams or 18/19 grams. The set includes adjustable 6 add-a-gram. So it can be the best choice for any beginner. 

The barrel has double bands with colored rings on it. The rings may appear in the middle or they can be evenly distributed on both sides of the barrel. So if you are a front or rear gripper, the dart will work nicely for you. 

The convex-shaped aluminum shafts are lightweight. The structure and design help to maintain proper trajectory. 

Things we liked

  • The idea of adjusting the weight seems pretty decent. It will help you to upgrade your skill by experiencing different weights. You can feel the difference in your palm. 
  • The locking hole shafts will allow you to fasten the hold so that you don’t get bothered retightening the shafts after every throw. 
  • A deluxe dart PAL case will be provided with this set. The set will protect all the equipment from external damage. The dart and the flights will be in good shape. 

Things that can be improved

  • The added grams may feel slightly loose often. Proper instruction should be provided on how the parts can be installed properly. 

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6. Viper Diamond Soft Tip Darts

Viper Diamond Soft Tip Darts Review


  • Weight: 16 grams and 18 grams
  • Barrel material: 90% Tungsten
  • Barrel shape: knurled banded
  • Shaft material: Aluminum
  • Locking hole feature: Yes
  • Additional stuff: Dart wrench, Deluxe Dart Pal case

Viper is a reliable brand in the dart industry. Another amazing product of Viper is the Viper Diamond. It is constructed with 90% tungsten and 10% nickel. 

Tungsten, a dense material, can provide a lightweight dart with a slim appearance. So the darts can stick together within the closest area. In other words, it is called tighter shot grouping. 

The bands have diamond-cut texture on the surface and the rings are knurled precisely. You will feel a strong grip while holding it. The rings come in black, silver and turquoise colors. Those vibrant rings look eye-catching. 

The aluminum shafts are strong and sturdy. They won’t disappoint you. The length is short and it will provide a perfect balance. If you are comfortable with the front-loaded dart, you will love this length as the shaft won’t put any load.

You can tighten the shafts as it has a locking hole feature. It will be easy to assemble just by screwing the hole. The slim and solid flights will stick on the shafts perfectly. Flight protectors retain the shape so that you can get the best projection. 

The universal 2ba thread makes the barrel comparable to any tips and shafts. The set includes 2ba tufflex tips but you can convert it to steel tips. That means you can use the dart on the electronic dartboard as well as on the sisal dartboard. 

Things we liked

  • A higher percentage of tungsten expands the life expectancy and the performance quality of the dart. 
  • Convertible tips will allow you to play the dart set with both electronic and sisal dartboard. The assembling won’t be tough at all. 
  • The equipment is stored in a deluxe dart PAL case. The inner clothing lining protects the darting equipment from any scratch and the hard outer shell prevents any damage from external pressure. 

Things that can be improved

  • No rubber O-ring comes in the package. So after one or two throws, you may need to retighten the shafts, which may seem unpleasant. 

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7. Sanfeng Darts Plastic Tip Set

Sanfeng Darts Plastic Tip Set Review


  • Weight: 18 grams
  • Barrel material: Silver with nickel plating
  • Barrel shape: Ringed grooves
  • Shaft material: Aluminum
  • Shaft length: 45 mm
  • Locking hole feature: Yes
  • Additional stuff: 3 nylon shafts, a black storage case

Each soft tip dart weighs 18 grams exactly. That is the most suitable weight for any player. The barrel is made of nickel with a plating of silver. The plating on the outer surface makes the barrel shinier and is also responsible for its durability. 

The deep-ringed grooves are evenly distributed to provide proper grip. The smooth rings won’t give any harsh feeling. It is a center-loaded dart tapered-shaped barrel. The weight is balanced on the front and rear ends. 

The load is on the front end and to balance the load the shaft length plays a vital role here. The shafts are long and slim. The length will give you enough space for better hand placement. 

The tough 2ba tips are easy to assemble and hard to break. They won’t bend easily, even after frequent pop-out. Exchanging the tips, you can also convert the soft tip dart into a steel tip dart

Things we liked

  • Though the set is assembled with aluminum shafts, you will get 3 additional nylon shafts in the package. So you can use them alternatively. 
  • The standard-shaped flights will let your dart fly through the air friction. The solid structure helps to keep the flights in shape for better performance. 
  • Rubber O-rings are attached to fit the shaft and the barrels perfectly. You don’t need to bother retightening them frequently. 

Things that can be improved

  • The smooth rings may feel slippery to some users. 

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8. Fat Cat Darts – The Budget Killer Dart Set

Fat Cat Darts Review


  • Weight: 17 grams
  • Barrel material: Nickel silver
  • Barrel shape: X cut knurled grip
  • Shaft material: Nylon
  • Locking hole feature: No
  • Additional stuff: Reusable plastic jar

Fat cat darts are constructed with nickel with additional silver plating. The silver plating makes the barrel more durable. It also gives a shiny appearance. It will let you enjoy a premium touch.

The barrel has X-cut textured knurled bands to provide an anti-slippery gripping. Deep grooves will give excellent gripping points. The aerodynamic shape will offer reduced drag and will allow increased speed, which is required for consistent throws. 

The nylon-made shafts are lightweight but they are not bendable easily. They are convex-shaped. The shape allows the air to glide smoothly that increase the speed. The length will provide you proper space for hand placement. 

The set comes with wide polypro flights. These can cut through the air friction smoothly to land on the target. They can also balance the dart weight while flying. 

The darts are stored in a twisted to[p plastic jar. It seems convenient to carry those out to any place. 21pcs 17 gram soft tip darts within a great bundle are always convenient for any beginner. 

Things we liked

  • All the darts are 17gram. As we know, the soft tip darts should be within 16-20 grams for the best performance. It is pretty well for any user. 
  • The silver-plated nickel barrel and the nylon shaft have a good combination of weight balance and grip. 

Things that can be improved

  • one or two flights may appear twisted as there are 21 pcs darts in a closed plastic jar. 

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9. Viper Black Magic Soft Tip Darts

Viper Black Magic Soft Tip Darts Review


  • Weight: 18 grams
  • Barrel material: Brass                                                             
  • Barrel shape: Medium Knurled
  • Shaft material: Aluminum
  • Locking hole feature: Yes 
  • Additional stuff: No additional equipment

Starting with an 18-gram soft tip dart is a good idea for a beginner. Heavier darts may seem hard to control to them. In that case, Viper Black Magic is in an accurate weight as a starter. The name resembles the black-coated bold outlook

The core material is brass and the outer layer is coated with black color. The coat can resist the structure from corrosion damage. The front-loaded torpedo-shaped barrel has deeply knurled bands. 

Aluminum shafts come with locking hole feature. You can screw the hole to retighten the shafts whenever you feel the shaft loosened. So you will get a fit and ready-to-go dart every time. 

The shape of flights is not so wide. The slim flights can cut through the air friction and can fly a straight path. They are easy to assemble. 

Tufflex 2ba reinforced tips are exceptionally strong and well-shaped to stick on board tightly. They are easily removable so you can change them whenever you feel them blunt or broken. 

Another unique feature is its convertibility. By exchanging the tips, you can convert your soft tip dart to a steel tip dart.  

Things we liked

  • Heavily knurled, several bands have offered multiple grip points to their users. You will find easy gripping on anti-slippery rings and bands.
  • Several bands and deep grooves on the rear end ensure a firm and sturdy grip for rear-end gripper. 
  • The aerodynamic structure reduces the air friction so that the speed increases. The structure assures a speedy trajection in every throw. 

Things that can be improved

  • The darts are packaged in a soft plastic case without any additional equipment. So you need to buy the other dart equipment( flight protector, dart wrench, extra tips etc. ) separately.  

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10. CUESOUL Soft Tip Darts Set

CUESOUL Soft Tip Darts Set Review


  • Weight: 16 grams
  • Barrel material: Brass
  • Barrel shape: Dotted ringed grip
  • Shaft material: plastic 
  • Locking hole feature: No
  • Additional stuff: slim storage case

Cuesoul is renowned for its quality dart accessories. The brand has made soft tip darts as well as steel tip darts. They have offered different designed and colored darts. The most reviewed dart is the 16-gram brass barrel dart. 

The brass barrel is heavier but has maintained its weight with a thinner shape. The barrel is comparatively thinner and longer. So there is enough space for easy hand placement. It will allow a strong grip. 

The barrels are dotted on the rings that ensure an anti-slippery effect. Though the barrel is thinner and longer, the tips are shorter. Beginners will find it comfortable to stick on board as they are easy to control.  

The shafts are made of fine-quality plastic. So they are lightweight but not fragile. You will enjoy the durability of this dart. 

Things we liked

  • The set includes a little spring on the end of the shaft. That is used to prevent the flight from falling off. It holds the flight on the shaft tightly. 
  • The flights are larger so that they can balance the control of these narrower darts. 

Things that can be improved

  • The plastic shaft may get broken if the dart pops out frequently on the floor. 

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How do You Choose a Soft Tip Dart

Before buying a soft tip dart set, some facts should be taken care of. 

Strength of the tips

Most of the soft tips are prone to break or tear apart. These tips are made of plastic. Tufflex is known for its powerful combination of toughness, flexibility, waterproofing integrity and quality. Renowned brands like Viper use this material to manufacture their darts. You can check Viper AWIN MAXstro or Viper Black Magic for long-term performance. 


Tungsten is the most durable material. 80% or 90% tungsten is used to construct the core structure. They are dense so that you can have a slim and strong dart. It is required for tighter shot grouping. Though tungsten is the toughest material, few players prefer other materials due to their price.

Another commonly used material is brass. It is also strong and durable. Nickel-silver and plastic are also used as barrel materials. 

If you don’t want to compromise with the quality, make sure to have a dart set made of tungsten. 


The steel tip darts weigh from 20 to 50 grams and soft tip darts weigh from 16 to 20 grams. Beginners often choose the 16 grams as the lighter one is easy to control. But intermediate payers or professionals like to play with 18-gram soft tip darts. So they can have proper balance. Viper Bobcat will offer adjustable weight with 6 add-a-gram. So you can get your preferred weight as you like. 

Dart barrels

Dart barrels are made of tungsten, brass, nickel or plastic. Accuracy, balance, gripping etc depend on the dart barrel. Surface Texture can play a vital role in proper gripping. A smooth texture may cause a slippery grip. On the other hand, knurled grips offer tough and firm gripping.

The shape of the barrel is another vital fact front-loaded grips are mostly suitable for the front gripper. But choosing evenly distributed knurled bands is safe if you are a beginner. So you can realize your suitable gripping position.  

Dart flights

Darts’ stability and trajectory depend on the flight. A standard shape flight can drag the air friction with its wide wings. Flights come in slim, pear, kite, or teardrop shapes. The width and length can control the balance of a dart. 

This video will also help you to make your choice. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best soft tip darts?

Win Max plastic tip darts, Viper Awin MAXstro, Viper Bobcat, Fatcat etc. are some of the best soft tip darts. You can check this article for other suggestions. 

What is a good weight for soft tip darts?

18 grams can be a good weight for a soft tip dart. It is easy to control for all skill levels. Beginners prefer 16-gram darts too. But in most cases, the best weights depend on your skill. 

Are all soft tip darts the same size?

No. soft tip darts may vary in weight, length and shape.

How far is the throw line for soft tip darts? 

The distance should be 8 ft. players should stand before the oche that is 8ft far from the wall and the distance of the center of the bulls from the floor should be 5’8″. 

Are soft tip darts any good? 

Obviously, they are good for your practice. It is more safe and cheap than the steel tip darts. As a beginner, it is convenient to start with a soft tip dart. 


Soft tip darts are easy to control and balance. You may find most of the plastic darts are garbage but we have played with a lot of them. In this article, we have picked the top 10 soft tip darts based on quality, performance, accuracy and durability.

If you want a great combination of this dart set with the best electronic dartboard, read our article. That will present our best picks of electronic dartboards.   

Hope it would be the most useful to choose your ones. 

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