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How to Play Call Three Darts

Joshua Wicks

Last updated Aug 20, 2022
My goal is to help others learn about the game and to help them improve their skills.

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call three darts

It’s very common to miss the target to hit at the very beginning. But continuous missing the darts may cause you frustration. Besides solo practice, you can also play some competitive games to improve your accuracy and consistency. In this case, the call three dart game can be a good choice. 

Call three is an easy and exciting game for any beginner. You can prepare yourself to hit any target through the game. 

Rules & Strategies of Call Three Darts

Number of players 

At least two players are required to play this game. More people can also participate in this game. The match will be more interesting then. 

Object of the game 

When a player goes to aim the target, he has to target for the numbers that the next player calls. To win, he has to hit the numbers in the same order they were called. 

How to play 

At first, the order of the players is determined. Once the order is set, the first player stands behind the oche and waits for the second player to call three numbers to aim for.

Those three numbers are considered as targets for the first player. He has to hit the numbers in the same order they were called. If any dart misses the target, he won’t get any points. After completing ten rounds, the total points will be counted, which will determine the winner. 

Call Three Darts rules explained with example 

Select the order first 

Who will throw first that is determined by the closest shot delivered by the players. The player who makes the closest shot is selected to aim first. The next close shot is marked for 2nd position and so on. 

Rules to play 

Suppose you are marked as player 1. Before you start throwing, the second player will call for three numbers. That can be any number from 1 to 20. Let’s imagine the three numbers are 4, 15 and 7.

Now you have to target these numbers in the same order. That means you have to aim for segment 4 with your first dart. The second dirt should aim for 15 and the third for 7. 

Scoreboard and the scoring

The players’ names are written on the side of the dartboard. After completing every round, the scores are recorded on the scoreboard. 

Each player gets three darts to accomplish the targets. Every single portion is counted as 1 point, 2 points for doubles and 3points for the triples. The outer and the inner bullseye are also included in this game.

You will get 2 points for hitting the outer bullseye and 3 points for the inner bullseye. 

You will make no points if you miss any dart. Suppose you have missed your first dart to target the first number. You won’t get an extra dart for that number. You have to throw your second dart for the second target.

If you hit a double, you will get 2 points. Then if you hit a single of your third target with the third dart, you will get 1 point. On this round, your total will be 2+1=3. 

When you are done with this round, the next player will come. He will target three numbers that would be called by the player 3. In the same way, the game goes on. When every player completes round 10, the scores are being summed up. The highest scorer becomes the winner. 

RoundPlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Player 5

Can there be a tie on call three? 

If two players score the same points, they are given targets to play for another round. The obtaining scores decide the winner. If there is a  tie again, they will play another round until the winner is determined. 

Tips and tricks to win the call three 

  • Call three needs no tricky steps. But keep in mind that you have to target the numbers in the same order they were called. Otherwise, you may mess up the score. When you call the targets, try to call for the numbers on those segments that your opponent is weak to hit. 
  • You can also select the targets that are close to each other for the next player. For example- 13,4 and 6. In this case, if his dart slips and lands in the wrong order, he will score 0. 
  • Make your nerves so strong that you won’t miss the targets to win the match. Triples and the bullseye can help to add more points to your score. 

Variations of Call Three Darts  

A player can use his all three darts to hit a target. Until hitting that target, they can’t move for the next one. 

This variation will help you to hit on a certain area precisely. 

Looper/ Loopy 

This game shares the similar idea to call three. The players play for the targets determined by the previous player’s throw. There is no limitation of throws in this game. All three darts can be used to hit the target.

Number of players 

Two or more players can play the looper. 

Object of the game 

To hit the given target segment without missing any darts is the object of this game. If you miss any dart, you will lose lives.

Rules to play the Looper dart game 

Each player starts the game with 3-5 lives. The first player throws a dart with his opposite hand to determine the target segment. Larger and smaller singles include here.

When the first player hits a single, this segment becomes the target area for the next player. If the next player fails to hit the target area, he loses one life. 

If a player can hit the target, he can use his remaining darts to set a new target. Suppose the player has used his 2 darts to hit the target. Now he can set a new target with the third one.

Again, if he hits the target segment with his last (third) dart, he will pull off all his three darts and use them to set a target for the next player.  

Suppose no player can hit the target that the first player gave. Then it is the player 1s turn again. He can sit down without throwing any dart or he can take a chance.

To give another target, he has to hit the previous target himself. Then he can try for another. If he fails, he will lose his life. The last player remaining with any lives is regarded as the winner.                                               

Scoreboard and the scoring

The scoreboard includes the players’ names and the lives they have. The lives can be shown as ( I I I ). When one life is lost, one ‘I’ is removed. So everyone can see the others’ situation.


The strategy 

When it is your turn to make a new target, try to get the hard one. Try to hit any loop with the first two darts if you have three darts. Then if you need, you can use the third one to get a number on the board. 

Why is this game called the Looper?

The closed loops of the numbers surrounding the board are also open to hit. This includes 4,6,8,9,10,14,16,18,19 and 20. For example, the closed lower loop of 6 is only open to hit, not the wired hook of the upper portion. 

The numbers 8 and 18 have double loops. If any player gives a target hitting the upper loop of 8, the target is marked as ‘UL8’ and if the lower loop is the target, it is marked as ‘LL8’. Sounds interesting, right? Targeting the loops seems to be hard for some players.

You can take a chance if you are confident enough to make an accurate throw to the loops. To obtain the precise shot you will need the best darts. We would like to present our best picks. You will find the best match for you from this link.     

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