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How to Play Cricket Darts (Rules, Strategies & Variations)

Joshua Wicks

Last updated Jul 11, 2022
My goal is to help others learn about the game and to help them improve their skills.

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Cricket Darts

Cricket dart game is an internationally recognized form of dart game. It is easy and fun. If you are a dart lover and want to enjoy a Cricket Dart match on television or in a club, you must have knowledge of this game. As this game is not like the basic dart game, you may find it confusing to understand. We are here to clear all your confusion. You will also learn some other variations of the Cricket Dart game in this article. If you love to take challenges, you will definitely love this game. 

How to play Cricket Darts

Number of players

Two players or two teams are required to play against each other. 

Object of the game 

To close the open numbers first and get more scores than the opponent is the objective of cricket darts. The dart should hit the same number three times to close a number. 

Who will throw first? 

You may use a coin to select the order to flip off or follow the bullseye method. Two players throw a dart aiming at the bullseye. Who gets the closest shot gets to throw first.

Cricket Darts game

Rules to play Cricket Dart game 

Players have to close the specific targets to score on those numbers. The targets include 15,16,17,18,19,20 and the bullseye. In the beginning, all the targets remain open. Each player gets three darts in every turn. Players throw the darts to close the numbers. 

Closing the numbers 

To close a number, you have to score three on that number. You can hit three singles, one single and one double or one triple. When a number is closed, three marks ( X with an outer circle) are placed beside the number like the picture. You can close them in an ascending or in descending order.

How to score 

When you close a number and your opponent hasn’t closed that yet, it is still open for you to score. Suppose you have closed 15 but your opponent hasn’t closed it yet. Now You can score on 15 until he closes it.

If you hit a single 15, you will score 15 points will add to your score; if you hit a double 15, you will score 30 on that inning. Try to add more points before all the numbers are closed. Don’t forget to write down the score before pulling the darts off. 

This video will help you to understand how the scoring goes on.

How to win 

To win, you need to close all the target numbers and have more scores than your opponent. If you have both, you are the winner. But if you have all closed numbers with a lower score than your opponent, then you have to go for more points.

Again, if both of you have closed all the targets and the same score, then whoever closed all the targets first is the winner. Seems interesting, right? 

Strategies to win Cricket 

Aim for the triples 

As three hits are required to close a target, you can close them by hitting triples. Thus you can close three numbers with your three darts in a single turn. 

Go for the triples when it is your turn to score on an open target. That will add scores fast. It is not necessary that you may hit perfectly every time but keep trying. 

Throw as the first player 

Throwing first in Cricket will give you an advantage. You can close the number and throw your darts to add points to your score. In the meantime, your opponent has to wait to start. He will always remain a step behind you. 

It is important to get a closer shot to the bullseye to be the first player. 

Close your highest numbers first in descending order

Suppose you have closed 20 and your opponent hasn’t yet. So it is open to score on 20 for you When your opponent can get the highest 19.  

Save the bullseye for the last 

Most players opt to go for bullseye at last as it is the toughest area to hit. So it is better to gather points before aiming for the bullseye. The outer bullseye counts for 25 and the inner bullseye counts for 50.  

Variations of Cricket Darts Game 

1. Mickey Mouse Darts 

Mickey Mouse Dart game is also known as American darts, Coach, Horses, Faldo, Beds, Bulls, and more. It is played in a different way than the standard Cricket game. But it is not so difficult to learn the game. Let us explain. 

Number of players

The game requires two players or two teams. 

Object of the game 

To add more scores than the opponent is the aim of this game. 

How to play Mickey Mouse Darts 

Two players throw their darts in an alternate order. Each o them gets three darts per turn. They try to open a number between 20 through 15 and the bullseye to score on it. They have to hit three times on that number to open a number. It may be three single hits or a single and a double hit or a triple hit.

Once a number is open, only the player who opens it can score on it. If the opponent hits that number, it won’t count any score. But The opponent can close the number for both so that any of them can not score on it.

He also needs to hit the number three times to close the number. When all the numbers are closed to score, the total score is counted. The highest scorer wins the game. 

Here is another video that may help you in your further interest.

The scoring 

Suppose you are the first player. You have thrown your first dart to single 20, your second dart to double 20 and with the third dart, you hit single 20. With the first two darts, you have opened the number for yourself. And your third hit counts to the score.

So now your score is 20. When it is your opponent’s turn, he needs to open a different number if he wants to score points. He can also close the number that you opened earlier. If he hits a triple 20, now it is closed for both of you. He can use his rest darts to open a new number. 

You may track your score using the figure.


How to win 

Try to gather scores rather than closing the opponent’s numbers. If he scores 19, try to get double 18 to cross him. In that case, you need to hit 18 five times (the first two hits to open the number and the rests are to score on it) 

You might have understood that it is a chasing game. You can win by collecting more points or by preventing your opponent from collecting points. The choice is yours. 

2. No Score Cricket

The basic rules of this game are the same as the standard cricket dart. The only difference is there is no scoring. This game aims to close the targets before your opponent does. 

The targets are 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and the bull. Hit three times on a number and it is closed. When all the numbers are closed, whoever closes first becomes the winner.


3. Spanish Cricket

Spanish cricket is another simple variation of the classic cricket dart game. But it includes 11, 12,13, and 14 along with the standard target numbers of 15,16,17,18,19,20 and the bull. 

Two players or two teams are required to play this game. 

This game expands scoring. So it requires more time than the standard one. You have to close all the target numbers to win. You can close them randomly or in an ascending or descending order. 

Team ATeam B

4. Cut Throat Cricket

The game is played with the standard cricket dart. The targets are also the same (15,16,17,18,19, 20, and the bullseye). The difference is that you should close a number, but you can’t get a score on it. Once you own a number or close a number, the points you score on it go to your opponent. That means you score to make your opponent the highest scorer. 

So how do we get the winner? The lowest score determines the winner. When all the numbers are closed, the player who gets the lowest score becomes the winner. 

So if you are an expert on accurate throwing, you may make massive points. That will be a burden on him. 

5. Killer Cricket

In this game, players hit to close target numbers. Once a number is closed in the standard cricket dart, you can score on it until your opponent does the same. But in killer cricket, once you close a number, you cant score on it. Your additional hits will remove your opponent’s hits on that number. 

For example, you have closed 20 earlier. Now it’s your opponent’s turn. If he hits triple 20, then he also closes the number. Then if you hit the 20 again, it will be open for him. So he has to throw to close the number again. 

The player who closes all the target numbers faster than the opponent wins the game. 

This game may remind you of the Killer Darts Game.  

6. Low Pitch Cricket

The rules of this game are as same as standard cricket darts. You have to close the target numbers and score on them until the numbers are not closed by your opponent. Whoever scores the highest and possesses (or closes) all the target numbers wins the game. 

The only difference with the basic Cricket dart is here the target numbers include 1,2,3,4,5,6 and the bull. 

Team ATeam B

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