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28 Fun & Popular Dart Games (Learn How to Play)

Joshua Wicks

Last updated Aug 22, 2022
My goal is to help others learn about the game and to help them improve their skills.

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If you’re bored with your daily routine, grab some darts and a dartboard, place them in a corner of your room, aim at your target, and throw them. Have you hit the target or missed it? 

To become the boss, you need to know the rules and strategies first.

Different dart games will give you different levels of excitement in your routine life. Some games are best played alone, while others are with friends or a group of people. 

Beginners, mid-level players, professional players, anyone can play darts. Check our article where we’ve summarized the best darts for beginners.

In this content, you will get a vast knowledge of some common dart games that are played in different areas among different people. It will be fun. So let’s start. 

Who Will Throw First

To start the game, it comes first to decide the first player. Players stand behind the oche, which is the marking line for players. It is 8 feet away from the board.

Players throw the darts. They try to throw the dart close to the bullseye. Whose dart reaches the closest to the bullseye cracks the chance to start the game. 

Common Dart Games You Want to Play 

Here I have mentioned some common dart games that are played around the world with friends and family. You can also play it solo to improve your skills. 

These games are played with different rules and strategies. This content will let you understand the rules and strategy of these games.

Game – 1) 01 Dart Game 

The starting point of this game can be 301, 501, 701, etc. It is the most popular and easiest game to play. 

Objective: This game aims to cut down the obtained score from the total score and reach zero as fast as you can.  

Number of players:  Two or more players can play along. 

How to play: Suppose the game starts with 501 points. The closest shot selects the first player to the bullseye. Each player or team gets to throw three darts.

Everyone tries to score as much as they can. This obtained score is deducted from the total score. 

Suppose you have shot the first dart at the double of number 10, the second dart at the single of number 20, and the third dart has fallen. So your obtained score is (10 x 2) + 20 + 0 = 40. After this round, your score will be (501-40) = 461. 

01 Dart Game

This way, the players get a score and aim to reach zero. Whoever reaches zero first wins the match. In addition, you have to hit a double or the bullseye to finish the game. 

You have to score exactly zero. If you score more than you have remaining, you will bust out. You will also bust out if the last remaining score is 1, because you can’t score 1, hitting double on your last shot.

Strategy: Try to get more points by hitting trebles in your turn.

Game – 2) 6-14 Dart Game

Through this game, you can improve your dart skills, targeting only double. 

Objective: Hit double the fixed number in every round.

Number of players: You can play alone or with your friends to improve your target.

How to play: The numbers 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 are open to score. The first player has to score a double of 6 in the first round, a double of 7 in the second round, a double of 8 in the third round, and so on.

You will get points if you can hit doubles of the corresponding number in that round. Each double will count as 50.

For instance, if you aim for 6 for the first round and get two singles and one double 6, Your points will be 50. 

For every double, you will get the opportunity to throw three darts to 20. Now you can score a single, double, or triple here; the scores will add to the total points. 

If you hit one double of 6 in the first round, you can target 20 with 3 darts. If you can shot 2 doubles of 20 and one single of 20, the total score of this round will be 50+40+40 +20 = 150. 

6-14 Dart Game

Players try to get as many points as they can in each round. By getting the highest score, you will be the winner.

Strategy: Target double of fixed number and score as much as you can.

Game – 3) 25 Dart Game 

Another easy version of the dart game is twenty-five. The game starts with 25 points. So the game is named after the starting points. 

Objective: To aim for the numbers in a sequence and try not to reach zero. 

Number of players: Two or more players can participate in this game. 

How to play: The game starts with 25 points. Players sequentially aim for 1, 2, 3, 4,5,… 20 and target the bullseye on the last throw. Only the doubles will be added on the scoreboard.

Suppose you hit two doubles of five; the score will be 20. But when you miss the target number, a double of the relevant number will be deducted from the total score. 

25 Dart Game

For example, if you have used all of the three darts but missed target number 1 in the first round, you will lose 2 points in that round.

You can not move to the next number until you score a double of that number. Once you reach zero, you lose the game. 

Strategy: Target only doubles of each number. 

Game – 4) 51/57 Dart Game

The game only counts the score of 51 or 57, which means you have to score exactly 51 or 57 to add it to the scoreboard. The score goes as 51, 102, 153… or 57, 114, 161. The name of this game resembles the scoring system. 

Object of the Game : To score exactly 51/57 on each turn is the aim of this game. 

Number of Players : You can play solo in your game room to improve your aiming or with a group of friends to compete. 

How to play :  Players’ names are written on a board to track their scores. Each player gets three darts to throw. Everyone tries to score to exceed a predetermined score( 300/500/700/1000). 

You have to score exactly 51 or 57 to add to your score. If you score 51/57 with a single dart, you don’t need to throw the rest of the darts.

If you score less than 51/57, that won’t be counted. In the same way, if you score more than that, it will also be useless. 

If you are the first to exceed the predetermined number, you will be the winner.

51 or 57 Dart Game

The Strategy : Try to hit triple 17 to score 51 on every turn.

Game – 5) Around the world

Beginners will find it easy to play. They can improve their skills by targeting each number eventually… 

Objective: Hitting the numbers in numerical order is the aim of this game. 

Number of players: You can play it solo or with your friends and family. 

How to play: The rule of this game is to hit the numbers in numerical order. For example, you have to start round one by hitting 1. If you score, you can go for the next number. You can not hit any number randomly.

Around The World

Hitting the bull is the last target. So you should target 19,20, and the bullseye with three darts in the last round. The one who hits 20 first and finishes with the bullseye wins the game. 

Strategy: Don’t miss any numbers.

Game – 6) Baseball Darts

This is a game that is most likely played like a real baseball game.

Objective: Get more runs to win the match. 

Number of players: You can play it solo or with your friends and family. 

How to play: The player who hits the closest to the bullseye gets the chance to play first. Each player plays 9 innings. In the first innings, you have to hit the segment that is marked 1.

In the 2nd innings, he hit the segment marked 2. In this way, the game goes on. 

A single is counted as 1 run, doubles mean 2 and a triple means 3 runs are added to the scoreboard. If you fail to score the number corresponding to the innings, you will get no points.

Baseball Darts game

In that same manner, the other players play 9 innings and collect as many scores as possible. By scoring the highest run, you can win the match. 

Strategy: Try to hit a treble to get more runs.

Game – 7) Broad / High Jump Darts

It is a game to jump the furthest distance more than the opponent. 

Objective: Players aim to cross the furthest distance across the center of the board, not sequentially. 

Number of players: You can play alone or with your friends. But odd numbers of players can enjoy this game more.  

How to play: Broad jump starts with double 11. The sequence goes as-double 11, large 11, triple 11, small11, outer bullseye, inner bullseye, outer bullseye, small6, triple 6, large 6, double 6. 

In the high jump, to start, you have to hit the double 3 first. Then the sequence goes as follows: large 3, triple 3, small 3, outer bullseye, inner bullseye, outer bullseye, small20, triple 20, large 20, double 20. 

Broad and High Jump dart game

Each player throws three darts in a row to cross the distance as far as possible. After three throws, another player throws in turn. 

When you cross the highest distance before your opponent, you become the winner. 

Strategy: Concentrate on each fixed portion before jumping off.

Game – 8) Castle Darts

Players pick their number by throwing with opposite hands. Once each player gets their number, they check off the boxes to build a pyramid-like castle. 

Objective: To build a castle (5×5) is the aim of this game. 

Number of players: Any number of players (more than 1) can participate in it.

How to play: Each player determines their number. After that, they try to hit their number. Every time they hit their number, it fills up their boxes. 

Suppose you have got the number 4. Every time you hit a single area of number 4, you will get one point, and one box will be checked off. 

Castle Darts

If you hit double, two boxes will be checked off, and three boxes will be checked off if you hit the treble of number 4. So if you can throw the treble of 4 five times, you will be the winner. 

There is an option to knock out an opponent. If player 1 hits player 2’s number, player 2’s box will fall off. So it’s your choice how you would like to win. 

Strategy: Keep an eye on your opponents’ moves. If he goes faster than you, knock him out. 

Game – 9) Call Three Darts

If you are a beginner and want to improve through practicing a game, this one will be a good choice.  

Objective: Aim of this game is to target three certain numbers and collect points. 

Number of players: Any number of players can play Call three.

How to play: Which number will be hit is decided by the next player. That means player 2 will call for three numbers. Player 1 will get three darts to hit those three numbers in the order they were called. 

If you are player 1 and miss the first number with the first dart, you must continue with the second dart. 

The single area will be counted as 1 point, double for 2, treble for 3, outer bullseye for 2, and the inner bullseye will be counted for 3 points. 

After 10 rounds, the player who gets the most points wins the game. 

Strategy: Follow the sequence of numbers. Try to get more points by hitting a treble or the bullseye.

Game – 10) Checkout Darts

It is an easy game to practice for a beginner.

Objective: To win the match, players must score the specified number of points with the fewest number of throws.

Number of players: More than 2 players can enjoy this game. 

How to play: Players call for five target numbers between 1 and 180. They are placed on the scoreboard. Each player tries to achieve the exact score by throwing darts in five rounds. 

Checkout darts game

Points are counted as how many throws they need to obtain the score. When all five numbers are achieved, the game ends. The player who uses fewer darts to score the numbers wins the match. 

Strategy: Calculate the hit to obtain maximum points with a minimum throw. 

Game – 11) Cricket Darts

Cricket is another commonly played form of the dart game. It is also played on international platforms. 

Objective: Aim of this game is to track the opponent to obtain the highest possible score.  

Number of players: Two players or two teams play to obtain as many points as possible.

How to play: In this game, you can’t hit all the numbers. The available numbers to hit are 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, and the bullseye. In cricket, the inner bull is counted as a double. Other numbers are not counted for any score. 

If you hit the single area of a number, it marks 1; if you hit twice, it marks 2, and if you hit 3 times, it marks 3. Once you get 3 marks on a number, you will own the number.

That means you can score the number until it’s “closed.”

Cricket Darts game

If the opponent hits the same number three times, the number is closed. So it’s important to hit the numbers as much as possible before it’s closed.

When you score the highest while all the numbers are closed, you will become the winner.

Strategy: This game is like chasing the opponent. Get more points than your opposite player. 

Game – 12) English Cricket Darts

This game is played like a real cricket game. It is also called the ‘wickets and runs’ game. 

Objective: Knocking out the opponent team and collecting a score is the motto of this game.

Number of players: Two teams play in this game.

How to play: One team is the bowler team, and the other is the batter. The bowler’s team aims to knock out the wickets of the opponent team. 11 wickets are to be knocked out. 

When all the wickets are down, the teams reverse their position. 

If bowlers hit the outer bullseye, they will get one wicket. The inner bullseye is worth 2 wickets. When bowlers try to get wickets, batters use the darts to collect as many scores as possible. 

More than 40 points need to be collected to count on the scoreboard. 

If your team gets more points at the end, it’s your day.  

Strategy: Get more wickets of the opponent and score more. 

Game – 13) Football Darts

Objective: The objective of football in dart is to score more than the opposing team and not to lose possession. 

Number of players: Two teams consisting of an equal number of players are required. 

How to play: Two teams with equal players try to score goals against each other. 

One player from each team throws towards the bullseye. Who will throw first is decided by the closest shot to the bullseye. 

To score goals, teams have to own the ‘possession.” This means teams hit the bullseye to get possession. After that, any double is counted as one goal.

So in each round, a team can score the highest three goals. 

The funniest part is that you can score your own goal if you hit the bullseye. Your team will lose possession. 

Your team will be the winning team if you possess the highest goal after a certain round. 

Strategy: Concentrate when hitting the bullseye.It is the most crucial part of this game. 

Game – 14) Golf Darts

This game is a form of gambling on your accuracy. It is played in the same manner as real golf. 

Objective: The objective of this game is to play for the holes and get the lowest score. 

Number of players: Any number of players (a minimum of two people) can participate here. 

How to play: The game is played for 9 holes or for 18 holes, as decided. For the first hole, you have to hit 1’s and then 2’s for the second hole. The lowest score for all the holes is declared the winner. 

Hitting doubles are counted as 1 point, a treble counts as 2 points, a smaller single area counts as 3 points, and the larger single area counts as 4 points.

 If you miss the dart, it will score 5 points.

Golf Darts game

To score against each hole, you will get three throws. You can use one dart for a hole or more than that. But the last throw will be counted on the scoreboard. 

Strategy: As soon as you fill-up the holes without missing any darts, you will get closer to victory. Try to keep your score lower. 

Game – 15) Grand National Darts

Some people compare this game with horse racing.

Objective: Throwing darts anticlockwise from 20 to 20 is the aim of this game. 

Number of players: Any number of players can play this game. But it is best played in large groups. 

How to play: This game is just like around the world. The game starts with throwing 20. You need to throw darts anticlockwise to reach 20 again. If you miss one, all of your three darts are considered knocked out. 

To make this game more exciting, some other versions are also played. You can target alternate numbers here.

Grand National dart game

In another version, they can hit larger single areas in the first round. After that, they can continue the game for the 2nd round by throwing towards the smaller single area. 

Strategy: Focus on the numbers you are targeting. Don’t skip any. 

Game – 16) Halve-it or Half-it

Objective: To score more than 40 points in every turn to add up to the scoreboard is the target of this game.  

Number of players: This game can be played with any number of players and rounds.

How to play: Each player starts with a score of 40. In every round, they aim to score as much as they can (more than 40). 

A new score in every round becomes the target for the next round. If you can not score more than the target in one turn, you lose half of your score. That’s why this game is named “Half it.’ 

The game continues for a set number of rounds or scores.   

Strategy: Beat the opponents’ score and get yours. 

Game – 17) High Score Darts

High score is the simplest game of darts.

Objective: The objective is to become the first player to score over a predetermined number. 

Number of players: Two or more than two players can play this game. 

How to play: Suppose the fixed number is 1200. So throw your darts to score exactly 1200 or more than this. The score is counted in a general way( single, double, or treble). 

With three darts in every turn, you add scores to reach the target points. 

Strategy: Hit trebles and the bullseye to reach the target faster. 

Game – 18) High / Low Darts


High and low dart games are mostly similar in play. The more people play this game, the more fun they get. 

Objective: This game aims to score over a target number without losing any lives. 

Number of players: Any number of players can take part in this game.  

How to play: In general, players start this game with 3 or 5 lives. At first, the first player throws his two darts simultaneously. 

The score becomes the target for the second player. He throws his three darts to score more than the first one. 

Together, the first and second player’s scores become the target for the third player. The game goes on. 

If you fail to score more than the target number with all of your three darts, you will lose one life. When you lose all of your life, you get eliminated. 

Strategy: If you know that you are losing, try to set an easier score for the next player.  


Objective: The players’ job is to score lower than the previous player’s score. 

Number of players: Any number of players can take part in this game.  

How to play: Low darts are played just like high darts. 

Bullseye can score negative points in this game. Hitting the outer bullseye worths -25 and the inner bullseye worths -50. If one misses his darts, an extra 25 points will be added to his score for every missed dart.

Strategy: You may start with -25 or -50 hitting the outer bullseye or the inner bullseye.  

Game – 19) Hit the Fiver Darts

Objective: Hitting the bullseye with all three darts in a single turn is the job.

Number of players: A group of people can play this game in a pub, bar, or at home. 

How to play: Suppose five players are taking part in this game. Each of them put the same amount of money in a pot. One note is pinned at the center of the bullseye. 

You have to try to hit the note or bullseye with your three darts in one turn. If you succeed, you will own the pot. 

The three darts should be thrown from three different distances. The first one is from the throw line, the second one is from one step closer to the board, and the third one should be thrown one step further from the throw line. 

If you can hit the three darts first at the bullseye, you will win. 

Strategy: Concentrate on the bullseye. Throwing from different distances may seem harder to you. But it’s not that hard.

Follow our article to master on how to throw darts.

Game – 20) Killer Darts

Objective: This game aims to become a ‘killer’ and take the opponent’s life. It’s quite funny. 

Number of players: Three or more players can take part in this game.

How to play: To start, each player has to throw the dart with his opposite hand. Players own their number by throwing it to the dartboard. They aim for the doubles of their number to be a killer.    

If you can do it, a “k” will be marked after your name. So that the others can see who the killer is. Any number of players can be the killer.  

After that, you (killer) should target the opponent’s number. Each player has three lives. The opponent loses one of his lives. If you are the last one remaining, you will win the game. 

The killer can also kill himself by hitting his doubles accidentally. That will cost one of their lives. 

Strategy: Be the killer and beat the opponent’s number. Concentrate while throwing doubles for your number. 

Killer Dart game

Game – 21) Legs Darts

Legs is the simplest and most basic game of darts.

Objective: The aim is to knock out or beat the score of the previous player.  

Number of players: Any number of players can take part in this game. More than two players can enjoy this game. 

How to play The first player throws a dart with his non-dominant hand to fix the target score. The next player throws his three darts to beat the fixed score. Then the 3rd player throws to beat the previous one’s score. 

Suppose you are the 3rd player.  The first player scores 30 with his darts. The 2nd player has to score 30 or more than 30. If he scores 65, you have to score more than 65.

In this manner, the game continues.

If any player fails to beat the score, he loses one leg. After losing 3 legs, the player is eliminated. 

Strategy: Hit the doubles and trebles to get more points. 

Game – 22) Mulligan Dart Game

This game has some similarities to the cricket dart game. 

Objective: The player’s job is to close six numbers and the bullseye.

Number of players: More than two players are required to play this game. 

How to play: Players choose 6 numbers randomly. The numbers are written on the top of the dartboard. Your job is to hit the selected number three times. Darts should hit the treble. 

Each player tries to close all the numbers first to win the game. Only after closing a number, you can move to the next. 

Closed numbers can be used for further scores for other players. They can use as many turns as they need to close a number.

Strategy: It’s better to close all the numbers before any other can do. 

Game – 23) Prisoner Darts

If you are looking for a game to play with your buddies, it can be a good choice. 

Objective: The aim is not to be a prisoner. 

Number of players: Any number of players (more than two) can play the prisoner game. 

How to play: The game goes on as the score is counted clockwise (1…18…4…13…). The game starts hitting 1.. All players start with three darts.

 If a dart misses the board, the player must play all darts except that one in the next turn.

The score is counted only if the dart hits a certain area of the board (thin double round, large single area, thin triple circle). 

But the dart will be a prisoner if it hits a smaller single area, such as the outer bullseye or inner bullseye. Another player can capture it, hitting certain areas of that same number. 

If there is a prisoner in the bullseye, you can capture him. You have to hit another bullseye. 

When all the darts get captured, the players become eliminated. 

Strategy: Don’t miss any darts. It’s fun to catch the opponents’ darts. Try to get them to win. 

Game – 24) Shove Ha’Penny

It’s a simple but interesting game.

Objective: This game aims to throw the darts three times to ‘close’ a number. It’s not necessary to throw the numbers in an ordinal order. 

Number of players: Any number of players can play this game.  But it is best to play with 2 to 4. 

How to play: You can only throw 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, inner bullseye, and outer bullseye. Other segments are not counted for scores.  

You can hit 1, 3, or 7. The player who closes all the numbers first becomes the winner. 

Now comes the twist. Once a number is closed, you can not hit it again. If a closed number is hit mistakenly, the dart count is added to another player’s score.  

Strategy: One loose dart can cost you the game. So concentrate while throwing.  

Game – 25) Slider Darts

Players may slide from one number to another if they miss throws. That’s what the game is named after. This quick and fast game is easy to play. 

Objective: Hitting numbers 10 to 20 without missing any darts is the aim of this game. 

Number of players: This game can be played solo or with friends.  

How to play: Numbers from 10 to 20 are available to throw in this game. To become a winner, you should try to hit 20 first. 

If you miss all three darts to hit a number, you will slide back to the previous number. That means if you miss the darts to hit 15, with all three darts in your turn, you will slide back to 14. 

You will start hitting 14 in the next turn. 

Strategy: Sliding back will prevent you from being the winner. Try to focus on your throw. 

Game – 26) Steeple Chase Darts

This racing-type game starts with hitting 20 and continues clockwise until he hits 5.

Objective:  The aim is to hit the thin single area to count the darts. 

Number of players: You can play solo to improve your skills or with a group of friends to enjoy it more. 

How to play: There are fences on the dartboard with some numbers (which you need to jump over). To pass these numbers, you have to hit the treble. You can use nine darts; otherwise, you will be eliminated. 

You should target only one number per turn. You can hit with one dart or use all three darts. Once the number is hit, your turn is over. The race is to become the first to reach 5. 

Strategy: Try to hit the number with your first dart to ensure it. 

Game – 27) Sudden Death Darts

Objective: Trying to score more than the others is the objective of this game.

Number of players: This game is the most fun with a large group. 

How to play: The rules are very simple. A group of people throw their darts one by one. The scores of each turn decide who will be eliminated.

The lowest scorer gets eliminated. After each turn, one player gets eliminated, and if you are the last remaining, you will become the winner. 

If two or three players score the same in a round, they throw against each other before moving to the next round. 

Strategy: Always try to score higher to avoid elimination. Hit the bullseye or trebles. 

Game – 28) Warfare Darts

The name ‘warfare’ resembles the game. It is a game of war between two groups. 

Objective: Players’ job is to defeat the opposite team 

Number of players: This game is played between two teams or two players. 

How to play: The board is segmented into two halves; each is considered a soldier for the corresponding team. 

Players aim to defeat the soldiers of the opposite team, hitting the numbers. 

11,14,9,12,5,20,1,18,4,13 are soldiers in a team. Soldiers from another team are assigned to the numbers 6,10,15,2,17,3,19,7,16, and 8.

If your team hits your own soldier, the opposite team gets this hit as their own. 

The team remaining with any soldiers wins the war. 

Strategy: Hit the opponents’ soldiers carefully. A wrong hit may cause you to lose the game.  


Different people prefer different types of dart games. Some find fun in nerve-wracking games. Some prefer games that are fun as well as relaxing. 

Knowing all of these games mentioned here will give you an extra advantage at any dart party. 

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