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How to Play Football Darts (Rules with Example)

Joshua Wicks

Last updated Sep 3, 2022
My goal is to help others learn about the game and to help them improve their skills.

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how to play football darts

It is a game to play with a number of friends. So it is obvious to have different levels of expertise in a team. But if you want to surprise your friends with your skill, you must understand the rules first. Thatswhy we are here to help you out. We have explained the rules of football as well as the strategy to win the game. So let’s get a look. 

How to play Football Darts 

Number of players

Two teams consisting of an equal number of players are required. 

Object of the game 

The objective of football in dart is to score more than the opposing team and not to lose possession. 

General Rules for Playing Football with Darts

Each team let one of their team members aim for the bullseye. Who hits the closest shot, his team gets the chance to be the first ‘kicker’. 

To start the game or to count score, you have to own the possession. Once your team can hit the bullseye owns possession. Now you can go for goals. Only the double segments are eligible for counting goals. So if you want to score, you should hit any double. Each team gets three darts per turn. Then the opponent team gets to throw. That means you can score a max of three goals at your turn. 

Does the Hit on the Bullseye Bring Extra Points?

No, you won’t get any additional points.  In addition, if you hit the bullseye in the midst of the game, you will lose your possession and to get it back, you have to hit the bullseye again. 

How to Win

As there is no specific area to score, try to know on which areas you can hit precisely and hit those doubles.  After a certain round, the team with more scores/ goals wins the game. 

The Strategy

If you want to go a step ahead of your opponent team, try to get the possession on your first throw.  It will be a chasing game for your opponent then. 

Variations of Football Dart Game 

Maybe you have been surprised often, watching football dart game playing with different rules.  Let us explain.  The Football dart game is played differently rather than the traditional rules.  If you are an intermediate-level player or an expert, you will love both. 

Number of Players

Two teams consisting of an equal number of players participate in this game.  It is better to have two or four players in a team. 

Object of the Game

To reach the opponents’ goal line and score points before the opponent team can do.  Each team gets 4 downs and tries to move the ball as far across the field.

The Field 

The dartboard is divided into horizontal segments. The playable areas are double 11, larger single 11, triple 11, smaller single 11, outer bullseye, inner bullseye, smaller single 6, triple 6, larger single 6 and the double 6. The double bullseye is the ‘50 yard line’. One team’s goal line is double 11 and the other team’s goal line is double 6. 

How to Play Variation of Football darts 

The game starts by determining the team who will get downs first. One player from each team throws a dart toward the bullseye. The closest shot defines the team who will go first. The teams select their goal line- double 11 or double 6. 

Each team gets 4 ‘downs’ consisting of three darts ( 12 darts in total). The first team starts to move their ball, hitting their own goal line. Suppose their goal line is double 11. Once they hit double 11, they throw darts to the next segments. 

When they get the bullseye, they have to hit the outer bullseye, inner bullseye and then the outer bullseye again. They try to move the ball as far as they can go. When the team plays all its 4 downs, the other team takes possession of the ball. 

The segment team 1 hit the last is the first segment to hit for the other team. If team 1 left the dart on a smaller single 6, team 2 must hit the smaller 6 first. Then they can go on. 

How to Score Goals

Once a team hits the opponent’s goal line, it counts as a goal and the team will get 6 points. It is also called touchdown. When a team gets a touchdown, they get a chance to add an extra point. To get the point, they need to hit any segment of 20. 

Once a team scores a goal, the other team has to take position on their own goal line regardless of any remaining throws or downs.

How to Win 

The game can continue till predetermined points or certain rounds. Like the real football game, this can also continue until a certain time. The team that will get more points within this time will be the winner.

Make sure you have the best dartboard and the best darts to prove your skills. We will find the best picks of ours that will help you to chose the best. 

Let us know which variation you have enjoyed more. 

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