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How to Play Golf Darts (Rules, Tips and The Strategy)

Joshua Wicks

Last updated Aug 22, 2022
My goal is to help others learn about the game and to help them improve their skills.

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How to Play Golf Darts

Are you a golf lover? Do you like playing darts? If both answers are yes, you will love this article. In this article, we are presenting a dart game that is a combination of dart and golf. This game is known as golf or Dolf ( Dart + Golf). Though it is an interesting game, it is not very popular among the players. If you are a newbie, you must like this game as there are no hard rules or any tricky steps. To enjoy this, you have to understand the game properly. Here we have explained the rules along with the tips and strategies to win. So let’s start.    

How to play Golf darts

Number of players

Any number of players can participate in this game. There is no bound on the number of players. But keep in mind that the more players, the more time you will need to finish the match. 

Object of the game 

The game is played like a real golf match. There are 9 holes or 18 holes. Each hole has to be completed with the possible fewer ‘strokes’ ( scoring unit in golf). 

How to play 

It is an easy and interesting game. At first, the order of the players is determined by the closest shot to the bullseye. Each player gets three darts to aim for the holes. If he wants, he can use all of them or not. The game can be played for 9 holes or 18 holes, as we have said before. The players determine it. 

Suppose you are playing for 18 holes. You have to aim for the corresponding number on the dartboard for each hole. Which means each hole is played in numerical order. For every throw, a predetermined stroke is added to the scoreboard. After completing 18 holes, the total strokes are counted. The lowest scorer stays ahead in the race. 

The scoreboard and scoring

The players’ names are written on the scoreboard. In the first round, players aim for the first hole. To score, he has to aim for segment 1. The ring area on which the dart lands determines the strokes. The strokes are counted as follows. 

Double ring area – 1 stroke 

Triple ring area – 2 strokes 

Larger and smaller single areas – 3 strokes 

If you miss all your darts or they hit on the other number segments, it counts 5 strokes. 

Rules explaining with example 

If two players are playing for 18 holes and the scoreboard will look like this-

Player 1Player 2

Suppose you are player 1. When playing for the first hole, you should go for number 1. You throw your first dart and it lands on the smaller single area of 1. It counts 3 strokes. So you want to go for the second dart. This lands on the 18 that counts as a stroke of five. So you bet for your third dart that lands on triple 1. So you get 2 strokes in a hole. 

Then player 2 comes in turn. Suppose his first dart hits a single 1 that counts 3 strokes. He decides not to take a risk throwing further darts. So the shot gives him 3 strokes in a hole.

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a dartboard

Then round 2 begins and it is your turn again. Now the aim is number 2. So you hit for the 2 but somehow it hits 15. Then you go for the second shot; it hits the larger single area of 2. You decide to take a chance with the third dart. It misses the board. So ultimately, you will get 5 strokes in the hole.

Then player 2 aims for the target. With the first dart, he hits double 15. That counts 5. He tries again and it hits double 2. So he gets 1 stroke on that hole. 

In the same way, the game continues till both players play for 18 holes. Then the score is summed up. The player who possesses the lowest strokes becomes the winner. 

Hope this video will help you to have a described idea on how to score and improve your strategies. 

Tips and the strategy to win 

Go for doubles with the first dart 

It is better to aim for the double ring with your first dart. In case you miss that, you will have the chance to go with the second dart. If you are confident enough, go for the double again. Otherwise, try to hit the singles rather than missing a dart. 

Keep an eye on the opponent’s score 

If you are lagging behind, you should take the risky shots. But if you are far ahead, stop taking risks to get 1 stroke per hole. 

Note down the scores properly 

Note down the achieved strokes before pulling off your darts. The last dart counts the strokes. So be careful when writing the score after completing each hole. 

Final words 

Golf darts are more popular with beginners. You can also compare it with Shanghai, a variation of around the world dart game. Both games share the same idea but in a different pattern. Players have to throw the darts to hit the numbers in a numerical order in both games.  Golf is less critical to understand. You can also play it as a practice game.

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