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How to Play High Score Darts : Rules and Strategies

Joshua Wicks

Last updated Jun 24, 2022
My goal is to help others learn about the game and to help them improve their skills.

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High Score Darts

Dart is a game of passion. You may fail in your earlier matches but don’t lose hope. It needs a lot of practice, perfect aiming and accuracy to get better in darts. High score game is a game for beginners to practice accurate aiming and chasing a target score. 

If you are looking for a game that will help you practice with fun in a simple way, this game will help you. We have explained all the details of this game in this article so that you will have fun playing with your friends. 

How to play High Score darts

Number of players

Any number of players can participate in this game. But remember, if you want to play with a large group, this may take a long time. It would be better to play 2 to 4 players. 

Object of the game 

High score game is known as the simplest dart game. There are no complicated or tricky rules. Players chase a pre-selected score. They aim to reach the score before the opponents can. 

How to play

Before starting the game, players decide the order. They throw a dart aiming at the bullseye. The sequence is determined by how close they get toward the bullseye. The player getting the closest shot becomes the first thrower. 

Players decide the score they want to chase. Usually, the targets are 1000 points. But it is not fixed. You may choose a smaller target or a bigger one. If you choose a bigger target, it will take a long time to reach. In contrast, if you choose a smaller target, it will be reached soon within a few rounds. 

Each player gets three darts per round. They play for the highest possible points in each round. The points they get are noted on the scoreboard. The players continue throwing on their turn until they score the target or exceed it. The player who scores the target first becomes the winner.  

Scoreboard and the scoring 

Players’ numbers are noted with their names on a scoreboard. So they can track their score by keeping an eye to the opponents’ progress.

The points count as the standard scoring

  • Single area– 1x the number 
  • Double ring area– 2x the number 
  • Triple ring area– 3x the number 
  • Outer bullseye– 25 points
  • Inner bullseye– 50 points

Any missed dart won’t give you points. 

High Score darts details with example 

Suppose you are playing for 100 points with your friends. You are marked as player 1.

You aim for double 20 with the first dart and get a perfect shot. Then you aim for the double 20 again but it hits the single segment. Now it’s time for the third dart. But somehow, you miss it and player 2 gets his turn. So in this turn, you score 40+20+0= 60 points. 

Player 2 scores 10 with his 3 darts and player 3 scores 60 in round 1. The scores are marked on the scoreboard. This way, the game continues.

If your score is 980 and you only need 20 points to win, you may aim for a single 20 or double 20. If you hit a double 20, your score will be 1020, which makes you the winner. 

The number of rounds is not predetermined in this game. The game continues until the winner scores the target. 

Target 1000
Player 1Player 2Player 3

How to win ( the strategy) 

You need to hit the possible highest numbers. The sooner you collect more scores, the sooner you will reach the goal. In this sense, try to hit the 20 segments. If you are confident to make a hit on the bullseye, it will give you more points. But if you miss the darts, you will lag behind. So practice more to know which area you are good at and hit those numbers with consistency. 

Can there be a tie in high score darts?

If player 1 and player 2 are in the same score, the player who hits the goal first is regarded as the winner. There won’t be any tie. To ensure accuracy in every turn you should choose the best dart. So it won’t bounce out and drag your score. We will recommend you IgnatGames Steel Tip Darts Set to choose as its features and performance make it one of the top listed steel tip darts of 2022.

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