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How to Play Halve-It Darts (Half-It)

Joshua Wicks

Last updated Aug 11, 2022
My goal is to help others learn about the game and to help them improve their skills.

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halve-it or ghalf-it

If you are a newbie, you must be wondering why this game is named half-it. Let us explain. This game chases a predetermined target for each round. If you fail, your score will be cut in halves. So every mistake will cause you punishment. If you really want to do better than the others, you must learn the game first. Then you should follow some strategies that will be a plus for you. We are here to help you learn the rules and the variations of this game.  

Why is the game called Halve-it? 

This game is also known as Halve-it or Bermuda Triangle. It is a chasing and punishment game. Every round consists of a predetermined score or target number. You should aim for that. If you fail, your accumulated scores are cut in half. That is the reason to call the game Half-it or Halve-it. 

It is a game of accuracy. This game includes different targets to play with. We have explained almost all of them in this article. Let’s start with the most common variation of half it. 

How to play Halve-It or Half-It

Number of players

Any number of players can play this game. Usually, 1 to 8 players enjoy the Half-it game most. 

Object of the game 

Players try to reach a predetermined score in every round. The target changes after every round. So the players try to reach a new target every time. 

How to play

The game is played for a certain score or rounds. Before the game starts, players determine the number of rounds and the designated targets for every round. Each player gets three darts per round. They start the game with a score of 40. 

Every player throws their darts to get as many points as possible on the designated target at least once. If they miss all the darts, their scores are cut in half. After all the rounds are played, the scores are accumulated. The highest scorer becomes the winner.  

How to score with example 

Players’ names are written on a scoreboard with the designated targets for each round. The score counts as the standard scoring. 

  • Double ring – two times the target 
  • Triple ring – three times the target 
  • Outer bullseye– 25 
  • Inner bullseye– 50

RoundTargetPlayer 1Player 2Player 3
4Any double
8Any triple

Suppose you, along with your two friends, are playing for 10 rounds. The targets are listed on the scoreboard. In round 1, your target is 12. With your three darts, you score a single 12 . so the score is 52 now. Then player 2 takes the turn.

His first dart hits the single 12 and remaining’s miss the target. So he also scores 52 in total, the third player hits a double and the score is 64. This round is complete. 

For the second round, the target is 13 and you have missed your darts. So the score will be cut in half. The score is 26. Player 2 gets a single 13 that adds 13 points to his previous score. The third player misses all darts and gets a halved score of 32.  

Then round 3 begins just the same way. The game continues till the 10th round. 

The highest scorer is declared the winner.  

Other Variations of Halve-It 

Any doubles

The score only counts the doubles. Triples or singles don’t score any points. If any player fails to hit any double with his three darts in a round, he gets his score halved. 

Any triples

Only the triples are eligible for counting scores in this variation.

Players aim for the triples. Doubles, bullseye or other segments are not counted in this game. 

Inner ring 

Inner rings ( the portion in between the bullseye and the triple ring area) are used to count the score. 

Outer ring 

Only the outer rings ( the portion in between the triple ring and the double ring area) are aimed for. Other rules are the same as the classic game. 

number sequence.

In this variation, players aim for the numbers in numerical order. Number 1 for the first round, number 2 for the second round, number 3 for the third; that’s how the game goes on.

Any segment of the target number counts in the standard way. ( double rings – 2 times the target, triple ring- 3 times the target). 


Here players start the game by hitting a predetermined target segment. Then they skip the segment next to it and jump to the next one. Suppose the game starts with 20, then the next targets will be 18, 13, 10, 2,3,7,8,14, 12 and the bullseye.    

Selected scores

The players must score a predetermined point. The target points are determined before the game starts. Suppose the target is 45.

So the player may hit the triple 15 with one of his three darts. If he misses the first dart, he should throw the rest darts to exceed the target. 

Only the exact points or more than the targets count for the score. However, if he fails to score the exact points or more, his accumulated points are cut in halves. This is more challenging than the other variations.

RoundTargetPlayer 1Player 2Player 3
14585 ( 40+45)88 ( 40+48)85 ( 40+45)
2792 ( 85+7)44 ( Missed darts)99 ( 85+14)

This video has explained the variations. You may have a look. 

How to win ( Tips and the strategy) 

It would be wise to aim for the target with the first dart. In case you miss the first one, you will have two more to throw. You should try to get your target with the earliest throw.

Every missed throw will cause punishment. So try to keep focused and score as high as possible with each dart. 

To keep track of the targets, the dartboard should be sufficiently vibrant so that you can focus on the numbers and the segments.

You will need the best dartboards in this regard. Hope you will get a vast idea about which one will serve you the best through this article. 

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