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How to Play Killer Darts

Joshua Wicks

Last updated Jun 30, 2022
My goal is to help others learn about the game and to help them improve their skills.

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How to Play Killer Darts

Do you think the name is a bit weird? The game is about to become a killer and kill the opponents’ score. The game is more challenging and exciting than other dart games. But to perform well, you need to understand the rules and scoring first. Otherwise, you can be killed within a short time. In this article, we will help you to learn killer darts so that you can ‘kill’ your opponents and win the match before they kill you. 

How to play Killer darts

Number of players 

It is more enjoyable to play in a 4 to 8 player group. 

Object of the game 

Players hit to own a number and to become a killer. After being a killer, he starts to hit on opponents to eliminate them. The aim of this game is to become a killer and not to be killed. 

How to become a killer

The order of the players is selected by the closest shot to the bullseye. Players throw a dart aiming at the bullseye. The players’ order is distributed on how close the dart lands. The dart lands the closest to the bullseye gets to throw as the first player. Players’ names are written on the scoreboard according to their order. Suppose you have got the closest shot which means you are the first player to throw. 

To become a killer, you need to ‘own’ a number. You have to throw your first shot with your non-dominant hand. If you are right-handed, you have to throw with your left hand. The left-handed player will aim with his weaker right hand. 

On which number the dart lands becomes the players’ ‘own’ number. Once you possess a number, you hit the double of that number so that you become a ‘killer.’ You can use your regular hand now. Keep in mind that two players can not possess the same number. If a player hits the number that is assigned to another player already, he should aim for another number. 

Suppose you have hit 12 with your non-dominant hand. It is your number now. But you are not a killer yet. When you hit the doubles of 12, it makes you the killer. A ‘k’ will be marked beside your name on the scoreboard. More than one player can be the killer in this game. 

How to play 

Each player starts the game belonging six lives. They throw their darts to select their numbers. Once all the players select their numbers and the killer is determined, he is eligible to eliminate others. To eliminate or kill the opponents, you have to hit their doubles. If you can hit their doubles, it will cost them one life. If you are good at aiming, you can kill three players with three darts when it is your turn. When all the players lose their lives except one with remaining any life is regarded as the winner. 

Suppose player 2 possesses 3, player 3 possesses 18, player 4 player for number 11 and your number is 12. In the first round, you throw your first dart to your doubles so that you can become a ‘killer.’ You have managed to hit it. A ‘k’ is marked by the side of your name on the scoreboard. Now you throw your second dart to hit the double 18; you miss it. The third dart lands on double 3. So player 2 loses one of his lives.

 Your turn is over and player 2 comes before the oche. He throws the first dart to his number to be a killer. He becomes a killer too. With remaining darts, he hits double 12 and double 18. So you and player 3 both lose one life. 

Player 3 comes in turn and throes. His first dart has missed the board. The second dart hits the single 5; that will count no point. The third dart hit double 11. So player 4 loses his life. He comes before the dartboard then. Aims for double 11 and hits perfectly. It makes him a killer. Now he hits double 12 and double 18. The scoreboard will look like that after the first round.

Assigned numberAt the beginningAfter completing Round 1
Player 1 (k)121 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1
Player 2 (k)31 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1
Player 3 (k)181 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1
Player 4 (k)111 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1

Here is a video that will help you to have a clear visual demonstration for any further query. 

How to win ( The strategies)  

It will be an advantage if you can be a killer early. So that you can kill the others before they get a chance to oppose you. A killer can hit another killer’s number to kill him. But there is a reminder that your one life will be taken if you hit your own number mistakenly after achieving the killer status. So it will be wise to keep track of opponents’ numbers and aim for one player to down with your three darts per turn. 

Avoid targeting the numbers that are adjacent to your number. If you miss your dart and it lands your number, you will lose your life. 

Hitting the bullseye will give you an extra life. But don’t go for it as it is comparatively hard to aim. You may get your darts wasted.  

Different rules to play killer darts 

People also play the killer darts in a different way or with different rules. Here is another way to play the killer game. 

Rules of killer darts ( another version) 

Players own their own numbers by hitting with their non-dominant hands. Once all the players possess their numbers, they hit their own numbers to be a killer. 

Players get three darts per turn. One hit on own number designated with one letter. Players are not allowed to eliminate others until he spells out ‘KILLER’ with each right throw. So you have to hit your own number six times to be marked as a killer. If you hit a single, you will score one word, two for doubles and three words for triples. So you can score ‘KILLER’ with two darts on triples. 

Once you are a designated killer, you are eligible to kill others. To eliminate a player, you also need to hit his numbers; he will lose his words from ‘KILLER.’ Suppose player 2 has scored ‘KILLE’ and you hit double his number. So he will go back to ‘KIL.’ If all the words are erased, he gets eliminated. 

Here is a tricky part of this game. If you score ‘KILL’ and hit a triple of your number, you will score ‘KILLE.’ Because there are only two letters left. So you had to hit double. The same goes for the opponents. 

Other variations of Killer Darts

Blind Killers 

In this game, players don’t know the others’ numbers. So they have to target any number blindly. 

How to play Blind Killers

Each player randomly picks a number from 1 to 20 and this is written on a scoreboard. The numbers are written on the scoreboard without mentioning any name. The scoreboard is maintained by one who is not playing. So the others can not know your number, even you. 

When everyone is assigned a number, they start out as a killer. They aim for random numbers as targets. You may also lose your life by hitting your own number in this game because you don’t know which number you belong to.  

The names are revealed at the last when the only player is left with any life. It is fun to chase others blindly. 

Handicap Killers 

If you want to change the general rules to match the level gap of players, you may go for handicap killer darts. In this variation, the expertise level of the players is known. The expert player is marked as ‘Handicap.’ He needs to hit a double of others to kill their lives. But other players can kill him by hitting his singles. 

Suppose you possess the number 15 and player 1 owns 3. Player 1 can remove your one life by hitting a single 15. But if you want to kill player 1, you have to hit double 3. 

This game is designed for a group of friends to fill the skill level gap. 

Killer with Trebles 

The game shares the idea of standard killer darts. Players earn the designation of the killer and kill the others. The only difference is that players need to hit trebles instead of double to be marked as a killer and eliminate others. 

Final words 

Killer darts is a fun game with different ways to play. If you find playing with the general rules boring, you may try the others. Mulligan is another dart game that requires closing some numbers to win. We have covered a guide for you on how to play mulligan dart game.

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