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How to Play Mulligan Dart Game

Joshua Wicks

Last updated Jun 30, 2022
My goal is to help others learn about the game and to help them improve their skills.

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How to Play Mulligan Dart Game

You may play Mulligan dart game while practicing if you are facing trouble aiming for the thinner triple ring area. You can practice with fun. To improve your aiming skill, you must learn how to play mulligan darts. That is why we are here to help you. You will learn the objective, rules to play, scoring, essential tips and the strategies to win the mulligan. 

How to play Mulligan Dart Game

Number of players

Two or more people can participate in this game. The more people join, the more the game will be enjoyable and competitive. 

Object of the game 

Players aim to hit the triples of random 6 numbers and the bullseye. Each number should be hit three times to move to the next one. Players try to pass the numbers as first as possible to become the winner. 

General rules of Mulligan Darts

Players have selected 6 random numbers before they start the game. The numbers can be chosen by the players’ call or they can throw one dart with their non-dominant hand to select the target.

Once the numbers are selected, they are written on the scoreboard so that everyone can keep track. Players’ names are also written according to their throwing order. The closest shot to the bullseye determines the order. 

The first player targets the first number with his three darts. If he can hit the target number three times, a sign ( X surrounded by a circle ‘O’) is marked beside the number. In contrast, if he fails to hit with his three darts, he can not move to the following number on the next turn. 

The following player comes and he also throws three darts to aim the triples of the targets. When a player completes six targets, he must hit the bullseye to end up his turn. The player who has completed all the seven targets before any other can do becomes the winner. 

The scoring 

The numbers are written on the middle of the board. 

  • One hit on the triple of target = / 
  • Two hits on the triple of target= X 
  • and three hits = X surrounded with a O

Once a player gets three hits on a target, the number is closed. That means the player can target the following number. When a player closes all the targets faster than the others 

Mulligan Darts example

Mulligan Darts example

Suppose the targets are 20, 5, 13, 10, 7, 11 and the bulls. You’ve got the closest shot to the bullseye, so you are marked as player 1. One more player is playing this game against you. 

You come before the oche to aim for triple 20 at your first turn. Your first dart misses the board. That will count for nothing. Then the second dart misses the target and lands on a single 5. So this also won’t be counted for score. The third dart lands on triple 20, so there will be a ‘/’ sign on your score. 

The second player comes before the oche, throws the first dart and hits the target. He again hits the target with the second dart, but the third dart misses the target. So there will be a X mark on his scoreboard at the end of round 1. 

Round 2 begins with your shot. As you could not hit three times the target,  your turn will start with the previous s20. Your first and second darts have managed to hit triple 20. So the number is close for you. With the remaining dart, you should go for triple 5. If the third one lands on the target, you will get ‘/’ on that target. Now it is player 2’s turn again. Suppose he has hit the 20, so his three-hit on triple 20 is completed and 20 is closed for him too. With the remaining darts, he aims for 5 and misses those. So after round 2, the scoreboard will look like this-

Player 1 TargetsPlayer 2

Though the targets are chosen randomly, you must close them in order. You should target the bulls (inner bullseye only) when all the numbers are closed.

How to win ( Tips and the strategies) 

Mulligan is a target-chasing game. In what order they should be closed should be determined before the game starts. If there is no order to ‘close’ them, start your throws aiming for the area you are good at. As the bullseye area is tough to hit, keep it for the last. To keep your aim perfect, you must learn how to throw darts

Final words 

Some people consider mulligan a variation of cricket darts as both games chase some numbers to close. Mulligan is more interesting to play. Random numbers are selected for the target here. So there is no scope to take advantage of being good at specific segments.

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