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How to Play Steeplechase Darts

Joshua Wicks

Last updated Aug 14, 2022
My goal is to help others learn about the game and to help them improve their skills.

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steeplechase darts

Steeplechase” the term may be defined in various ways. Commonly it was used in the horse races. In the races, there are obstacles to slow down the speedy progress. Steeplechase may refer to any race that includes obstacles or fences to be jumped over. 

The term is now used in darts and it has become popular. Are you getting confused? Let us help you. In dart games, obstacles are created to justify the players’ skills. You will find this article helpful if you want to know all the techniques to overcome those ‘fences.’ You will learn the rules of steeplechase, how to play the game, and the strategies as well. 

How to play Steeplechase Darts 

Number of players 

Two or more people can play this game but it is better to play in a group of 4-6 players. 

Object of the game 

Players aim To pass all the target numbers 20 through 5 clockwise faster than others. There are also some fences that should be passed with nine darts; otherwise, the player will be eliminated.   

General rules 

The players start round one aiming for 20. Everyone gets three darts for each round. They throw their darts on the dartboard aiming the numbers clockwise. Once they hit 20, they go for 1. After that, they aim for 18 and then 4. The target moves in that way.

Once a player hits the target number with one dart, they don’t need to throw the rest. So if any player hits 20 with his first dart, he doesn’t need to throw the rest twos. In the next round, he should go for 1 with all three darts.  

In the steeplechase game, the only playable area is the smaller single area. So the players throw their darts to hit the single area. If a player misses his three darts in a round and is unable to hit their target, he should aim that number again in his next turn. 

Each player tends to reach the finish line ( the area of 5) first. The player who can make it wins the match. 

What are the ‘fences’ and how to pass them

You may think the game is so simple to win. But there is a twist. In this game, some segments are marked as fences. Traditionally they are 13, 17, 8 and 5. In those segments, singles are not allowed to score. 

To jump over, you need to hit the inner triple rings of these numbers. To pass them, you can use nine darts ( 3 rounds). You may not proceed with the game further if you fail even after three rounds. You are out of the race then.   

How to win ( The strategies) 

As we have said, there are obstacles to jump; it can make you nervous. But if you are good at aiming at the thinner areas, it won’t be hard for you to go on. Once you reach 5 and hit the triple 5, you should aim for the bullseye then. The center should be hit to beat the others.  

Being good at hitting the triples will lead to your progress. To practice for triples with the highest accuracy, you may like to have a look at How to throw a dart. The article will help you learn every theoretical detail of throwing a dart perfectly. 

Any player who takes more than three turns to pass a target gets eliminated. So there are also chances for you to win if your opponents are out of the race. 

More Variations of Steeplechase Darts

  • You can change the fences to 6, 3, and 11. These are at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock spots on the dartboard. So you can remember them easily and there will be no confusion while targeting. 
  • You can also include the larger singles to score. If you are a newbie, it will be comparatively easier for you. 
  • The limitation of 9 darts can be removed. So you can practice aiming. 

Whatever the rules are, it is always fun to chase a race. 

Final words

You should give a try to the steeplechase dart game as it is unique in variation and styles. You may change the targets according to your skills. So it can be enjoyable to a beginner as well as a pro. Hope you will like the details we have explained about steeplechase in this article.

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