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How to Play Sudden Death Darts

Joshua Wicks

Last updated Jul 29, 2022
My goal is to help others learn about the game and to help them improve their skills.

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sudden death

Some games are more enjoyable when played in a large group. Sudden death is one of them. Suppose you want to enjoy a quick game that includes fewer strategic moves; you will find this game for you. But to continue your turn, you need to learn how to play and how the scoring goes. Otherwise, you may get eliminated at any time. Let’s have a look at this article to know the details. 

How to play the Sudden Death Dart game 

Number of players 

6-10 people will enjoy the game the most. If you play with Fewer people, the game will be over in a few throws. The game won’t last more than 5 minutes. 

Object of the game 

It is an elimination-style game. So players aim not to be eliminated until he is the last person remaining. 

General rules 

The play order can be determined using any method. But the most common way is to measure the closest shot to the bullseye. Each player aims to get the closest shot toward the bullseye. Who gets the closest shot gets to throw first. 

Players get three darts per turn. They use them to get the highest score possible. Each player throws their darts. The scores they obtain are summed up after every round. The player who scores the lowest can not continue to the next round. 

So after every round, one player is lessened. They don’t know who is going to be eliminated until the round is over. That’s why the game is called sudden death. 

If there are six players, the game will take five rounds to get the winner. 

How to score 

The segments of the dartboard count scores in the standard way. 

  • Double ring– 2x the number 
  • Inner triple ring– 3x the number 
  • Outer bullseye– 25 points 
  • Inner bullseye– 50 points 

If you miss any dart, you will get no points at all. 

Players use three darts. The scores they obtain are summed up and written on a scoreboard. The way continues till the last person stands. As one player is eliminated after each round, the scores from previous rounds add up. Only the score from the current round matters.

If 2 or 3 players score the same, there will be an additional round between them until one loses. 

Tips and the strategies 

The game does not require any critical strategies. You have to score more than the other players every time. 

Try to hit the triple ring areas to secure more scores. If you are an expert, go for the bulls. That will add 50 to your score. 

But if you’re a beginner, don’t take the risk of aiming for the thinner rings. Go for the singles and doubles. It is better to score singles rather than missing the darts. 

Optional rules 

  • You may alter the eliminating score if you want some variation in this game. A player will be eliminated by scoring the highest instead of the lowest. In that game, missing the darts will give you additional 25 points. Other rules will be the same as standard Sudden Death Darts. 
  • If there are less than six players, the game can be played having three lives for each player. 

Once a player scores the lowest, he will lose one of his lives. He will be out of the game when he loses his three lives. 

This will prolong the game time 

Final words 

You may find some similarities with the Killer Darts. Both are elimination-style games. High/ Low Darts also share the same idea of scoring the highest or the lowest. 

As sudden death is a simple and fun game, any level of player will enjoy it much. Hope this article will help you to win by explaining all the details.

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