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How to Play Warfare Darts (Beginners Guide)

Joshua Wicks

Last updated Aug 12, 2022
My goal is to help others learn about the game and to help them improve their skills.

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warfare darts

Warfare Darts is a challenging game that needs some strategic moves to win. It is pretty different from the most common dart games like 501 or High/Low Darts. If you are wondering about how a war can be placed on a dartboard, we will explain it in this article. To win the war, you should learn the rules first so that you can plan your strategies. We are here to help you.

How to Play Warfare Darts

Number of players

Two players or two teams are required to play this game. The teams should have the same number of players (2-3 players in each). 

Object of the game 

The game is played between two teams who fight against each other. The players aim to defeat the opponent to win the war. 

General rules 

At first, the dartboard is split into two halves to define two troops. The top half consists of 11,14, 9, 12, 5, 20, 1, 18,4 and 13. The bottom half consists 8,16, 7, 19,3,17,2,15,10 and 6. Each number is regarded as ‘soldiers.’ Each team contains ten soldiers. When the opposite team hits a soldier of your team, it is lost. 

Similarly, if you hit a segment of the opposite team, the soldier is out of the game. The first team who can defeat all the soldiers of the opponent wins the war. 

The soldier of your own team can also be eliminated if you hit your soldiers by mistake. So you should keep focusing while targeting the soldiers. 

How to score 

The teams decide who will go first. Or the traditional way can also be used. In that case, the order is determined by the closest shot to the bulls.  

The numbers of each team are written on the scoreboard. Once a number (soldier) is eliminated, it is crossed over or removed from the board. You can also mark an underscore if you wish to play more than once. So you don’t have to write the numbers again. 

To eliminate a soldier, you can hit any segment of that number. It can be single, double or triple.

Team ATeam B
11  14   9   12   5   20   1   18   4   13 8   16   7   19   3   17   2   15   10   6

The last team remaining with any soldier is the winner. 

Tips and strategies ( How to win)

Aim for the middle numbers while you are targeting to defeat the opponents’ soldiers. Because if you throw for the border numbers and somehow it misses the target, it can defeat your own soldier. For example, 11 and 8 are adjacent to each other. If you aim for 11 as a player of team B, it may land on 8, which will eliminate a soldier of your own team. 

Go for the border numbers when your border numbers are closed or eliminated by the opponents.  

Variations of Warfare Darts

The board can be split into the right half and left half instead of the top half and bottom half.

You can make this game hard for the players by using only the doubles or the triples. Other areas won’t be counted in the play. If you are new, it will be better to play for any area. 

If you want to prolong the game, you may mark three lives for each soldier. So you have to hit three times to get a soldier down. The expert dartists will appreciate this variation. 

Final words 

If you want to win the war, you should know how to defeat the soldiers. To have a precise aim, you need more practice and proper guidance about how to throw your darts. You will find this article helpful to give you a perfect and constant throw. 

Any player (adult, kids, newbie or pro) can enjoy the warfare Dart game. We have explained every detail that you need to learn the game in this article. Hope you will enjoy it.  

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