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How to Play x01 Dart Game

Joshua Wicks

Last updated Jun 6, 2022
My goal is to help others learn about the game and to help them improve their skills.

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how to play x01 dart game

01 dart game is the most common dart game played over the world. It is easy to play. If you are a beginner and trying to learn the darts from the beginning level, you must have to learn this x01 game.

It is the basic dart game that will let you make you understand the other dart games.  01 is also recognized internationally as the game is played in the Darts World Championship.

So as a dart lover it is a must to know how to play the x01 dart game. Let us help to make you understand.   

Types of x01 Dart Game 

01 dart game is named after the score it starts with. When the game starts with a score of 301 it is called 301 dart game, similarly when the game starts with 501 points it is called 501 dart game.  You can play with 301, 501, 701, 901, 1101 or 1501 points. Since the last two digits are 0 and 1, the game is called zero-one or oh-one. 

How to Play

Number of Players

In general, two players play this game against each other to enjoy a better experience. But you can also play in a team.

Object of The Game 

Object of the game is to reach exact ‘zero’ with the lowest throws.  If the game starts with 501 you need to score as much as you can to deduce the obtained score from the total score (501).  

Rules of x01 Dart Game

Suppose the game starts with 501 points. The closest shot to the bullseye selects the first player. Each player or team gets to throw three darts in every turn.

Everyone tries to score as much as they can. This obtained score is deducted from the total score. 

Suppose you have shot the first dart at the double of number 10, the second dart at the single 20, and the third dart has fallen. So your obtained score is (10 x 2) + 20 + 0 = 40. After this round, your score will be (501-40) = 461. 

dart 01 game scoring system

This way, the players get a score and aim to reach zero. Whoever reaches zero first wins the match. 

Through this video you will get a visual description of 301 and 501 dart games. 

Though the basic rules are the same for both 301 and 501 dart games, starting and finishing segments may vary according to the game. 


Straight in means to start the game by hitting the single portion of the dartboard. Unless you hit a single number, you can’t start your move. If you miss your throws, the next player will get the turn.

In the 501 game, ‘ straight in’ is followed to count the score. So to enter the game you need to hit a single first.  


In 301, the score counting starts after hitting a double. You can’t go ahead if you miss hitting any double. So it is important to practice aiming for the outer double to start first.  


In both 301 and 501 games, you have to hit a double at your last throw to win. Suppose 32 points are remaining. So to reach zero, you have to aim for the double of 16. If you miss the double and score a single 16, your score will be deducted from 32. Still, you will have 16 points remaining. Now you have to make sure that you hit the double of 8. 

There are a lot of math tricks.


To win the game, you need to reach exactly zero. Suppose your remaining score is 14. So you have to hit the double of 7 at your last throw. If you score more than your remaining, it will be a ‘bust’ and the score returns to the score that was existing at the start of the turn. 

You will also bust out if the last remaining score is 1 because you can’t score 1on your last shot by hitting any double ring area. 

Tips to Win

Focus on reducing the number

When the game starts, try to deduct more scores. To get more points, you can hit the bullseye ( worth 50 points) or the outer bullseye( worth 25 points). 

Leaving 32 for the last turn

On the dartboard8 and 16 are next to each other. If you miss the double of 16 by chance, you will still have the chance to score a double 8. That will be an effective move.

dart 01 game strategy

Final Thoughts

01 is the most fun and challenging game. The game will test your math skill. You can use an out chart to track your score. The chart will show different combinations of scoring. That will help you to have your winning strategy. You can check the Dart World Mini Out Chart to improve your expertise.  

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